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Spoiler Alert Thursday

I thought today was Wednesday. Turns out today is Thursday.

  • “Game of Thrones.” The episode tended toward an info-dump and setting up, presumably, the remainder of the season through the introduction of the key characters in King’s Landing and revealing how exposed the kingdom is in the north to invasion from the wildings and, subsequently, the Others. Can Mayor/Councillor Carcetti be anything but a really, really depraved, greasy creep? I fear that Ned and Robert are not long for this world–the Lannisters cannot be trusted. Tyrion remains the most compelling character; I suppose we have no option but to like Arya; and Jon Snow has improved since getting to the Wall. My reading of the novel stalled significantly this week on account of going to bed at midnight and getting up at six to get in to campus. I’ve finally made it to the end of the first episode: they left out of a lot of important information.
  • “The Killing.” I wish I could say that it was absolutely thrilling, but I cannot. I am coming to the conclusion that AMC is, by far, the most overhyped network of all time: “The Walking Dead” was, on average, disappointing and so too is “The Killing.” In terms of subject matter, I’m likely never going to watch a single minute of “Mad Men,” so we can set that one aside, but I like (intellectually, at least) the idea of Malcolm’s dad selling meth. My fear is that the show is as overhyped as the rest of the AMC catalogue.
  • “Fringe.” With the machine apparently having sent Peter into the future in the alternate universe, I can only come to the conclusion that the show should have been cancelled because it has clearly “jumped the shark.” In fact, I think the show jumped two sharks this week with Olivia being the other “key” to the machine. There was, however, an okay post on Astrid/Astro/Ostrich/Asterisk on Racialicious the other day.

Unrelated. I’m teaching a intensive “mini-course” for (what are supposed to be) promising high school students this week. My course is, more or less, on violence and we are using movies and television shows (“District 9,” “Terminator: Salvation,” “Generation Kill,” and “Zombieland”—we were going to do “Twilight,” but they insisted on two days of zombies) to start up our discussions. In “Terminator: Salvation,” Common–who for whatever reason desperately wants to be an actor–played “the black guy.” Fortunately, he had very few lines. For instance, “It worked, man, the signal worked. It’s beautiful!” Honestly, why didn’t the writers have him say “dog” or “homes” to John Connor instead of “man”? (And can Christian Bale play a character where he isn’t yelling all the time? Yelling isn’t acting.) I had forgotten he was in that movie. Coincidentally, I had listened to some of his music on the way in this week. Normally, his lyrics aren’t terrible (“The Light” is a still a classic, right?), but this one stuck out: “like “The Breakup” with Jen and Vince Vaughan.” Really? I can’t decide if recent Common just fucking sucks or if he always sucked and no one noticed it. I feel Adam should weigh in on this issue, being the local authority on all things Chicago.


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