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Tuesday Hatred: Quaeret in trivio vocationem

I hate that I got embroiled in an extremely stupid dispute with a stranger on twitter.

I hate that, over the years, I have broken or lost all of my glasses of the vaguely tulipy shape used for grappa or eaux de vie. Probably no one will have the slightest bit of sympathy for me for that, but the glasses were really cheap. Oh Well. I also hate how incompetent I am at keeping my preserving pan clean, and the fact that the last time I used it when cleaning it I scoured the interior (just with one of those scotch brite pad things, nothing metal itself, but copper is very soft) which apparently one isn’t supposed to do. Oops.

Often I can’t tell whether I’m being mocked, and I hate that.


May 24, 2011 - Posted by | Tuesday Hatred


  1. I hate how my boss REFUSES to pay overtime, so she can meet her bonus. So, if I come into a “mandatory” meeting for, say, 2 hours, I get sent home early or come in late so I stay at 40 hours. This week, I have CPR training for 4 hours after my shift (I work 3rd shift, BTW), and was called to come in 1.5 hours early 1 night. So, I kill myself, yet see NO return for it. I HATE IT!

    Comment by Toby P. | May 24, 2011

  2. I hate market forces. I hate David Brooks. I hate the ads that expand and contract at the top of the NY Times home page. I hate that portion of a social gathering when one has decided to leave but is waiting for the right moment.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | May 24, 2011

  3. I hate the poor cell phone reception in my apartment and the fact that its continual search for a signal runs down my battery constantly.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | May 24, 2011

  4. I hate the ads that expand and contract at the top of the NY Times home page.

    Oh my god, this, so much.

    Toby P., this page will point you to a Department of Labor office in your state. Filing a complaint that your employer is violating the Fair Labor Standards Act is free! Also, you can do it yourself easily, without an attorney. Remember, she’s exploiting not only you, but everyone else in your position, and everyone who will come after you.

    Comment by jms | May 24, 2011

  5. I hate that staying out late sometimes seems to affect me even worse than a hangover. I hate seasonal allergies. I hate having (apparently) an ingrown hair on my back that I have, due to my aversion to anything “medical”-seeming, let go for a really long time and am now having little success in resolving. Of course, maybe it’s cancer — read?

    I hate that a mere two days after deciding to try a neti pot routine, I dropped The Girlfriend’s (ceramic) neti pot on the floor like an idiot. I hate that when I went to the drug store to replace it, they were out of Sudafed.

    Honestly, I kind of hate everything right now. I’m in a really bad mood.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | May 24, 2011

  6. Oh wait, I misread comment 1. If she’s keeping you at 40 hours, you don’t have a FLSA violation, sorry Toby.

    So, you should form a union! Then your boss would be prohibited from unilaterally switching around your hours.

    Comment by jms | May 24, 2011

  7. according to my friend’s report who suffers seasonal allergies always, Allegra worked for her best, not sudafed or claritin or anything else
    i hate when people don’t take me seriously, but that’s my funny english, i hope i’ll be back in september with like a better punctuated English

    Comment by read | May 24, 2011

  8. I hate that I currently have no prospects in my chosen field. I further hate that I was turned down for a very interesting job in a different field because I admitted that I was holding out hope for the chosen field. I was told that this hope was the only reason I was denied the very interesting job. This flattery lessens the sting.

    I like that jms is organizing Toby, though.

    Comment by Josh K-sky | May 24, 2011

  9. In keeping with the theme of the day, I should have listened to ben.

    Comment by jms | May 24, 2011

  10. I hate that I’ve dropped both a ceramic neti pot and an egg on the floor today, both of which broke. I hate that our coffee grinder appears to be on its last legs. I hate that the top of my desk is scratched up due to poor decision-making during the moving process and that instead of just buying a little can of stain and taking care of it, I try to position items to hide the scratches. I hate being out of milk, and even more, I hate it when the amount of milk I have is like half as much as I normally use for cereal.

    I hate copyediting. I hate making indexes. I hate that these two activities are crucial for my financial well-being this summer.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | May 24, 2011

  11. jms, did you at least get the short-term happiness?

    Comment by Josh K-sky | May 24, 2011

  12. You should ALWAYS listen to me.

    Comment by ben | May 24, 2011

  13. I hate the thought that the expensive orthotic inserts the doctor gave me are stretching my shoes.

    Comment by ben | May 24, 2011

  14. I hate myself for the fact that jms didn’t listen to ben.

    Comment by Guido Nius | May 24, 2011

  15. 12. ben, you ought to have told me that earlier. How was I to know, really.

    11. No, I’m not making that mistake anymore. This is a different mistake. It turns out the first kind was a lot better.

    14. Don’t do that!

    Comment by jms | May 24, 2011

  16. I hate that “supply-side” approaches to reducing internet-centered procrastination don’t work.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | May 24, 2011

  17. an ingrown hair, never heard such a medical problem exist, or i was not paying enough attention, at least it is as we say aminaas holuur – “won’t take your life” – hopefully, though i am never sure, it’s either that, some seborrheic black dot or could be some rare hair cancer too
    i recalled our history teacher had such quickly growing beard he always shaved it clean though, that his skin looked always blue

    Comment by read | May 24, 2011

  18. i think i posted a comment and it disappeared, must be wikipedia links are not allowed, but there was an article on ingrown hair there

    Comment by read | May 24, 2011

  19. 15.2 I wasn’t assuming that. In the last Friday confessional, to which I thought you were referring, there were two possible outcomes, one of which would yield short-term happiness. So nu?

    The K-sky household remains staunchly supportive of the first kind of mistake.

    Comment by Josh K-sky | May 25, 2011

  20. 19. You were right — I was indeed so referring. I got the other outcome. But in addition, it was also not the kind of mistake favored by the K-sky household, but another, worse, kind.

    Sorry for bolloxing up your comments section with my tedious and cryptic hatred, Adam and ben. Straightforwarder hatreds, also sincerely felt:

    I was so tired all day today, and I had so much to get done, and I couldn’t or, at least didn’t, do it. Instead I surfed the internet to try to figure out whether my condition was caused by allergies or major depression. Since my primary symptom was tiredness, this was about as useful as you’d think.

    Fruit flies in my bananas

    Francine Prose

    The 5/60/10/101 interchange, especially northbound. Jesus fucking christ people. Pick a lane and go.

    Wrist pain

    How rapidly a recently-cleaned kitchen floor gets dirty


    Comment by jms | May 25, 2011

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