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Friday Afternoon Confessional: I am a Poseur

I confess that I have acquired new superpowers. I can now embed video and I can ‘Align Full’. As I like to flatter myself that I am somewhat suffering from OCD (what one clings on to to be special!) this will significantly increase my comfort as well as my self-esteem.

I can now confess that:

It would have been a more convincing show of talent and text control if I would have been able to have found something that were allowed to play in this window. I know this. It just goes to show how much of a poseur I really am. I try, obvious to everybody is that I just try. By the way, the video is as bad as the song is great so it is probably better to have it play in another window.

I confess that I am fed up with all of the drama of modern times. I sure wish that for those believing that things are going to the shit-hole nowadays we could organize a reversal of time such that they could live through history backwards. I would give them eternal life so they wouldn’t miss any of the fun of the times that were supposedly so much better than ours. I am a cultural optimist and I confess that I don’t even feel like this is something to confess to.

‘Get over it already!’ is a thought I confess to having most of the times when somebody gets all excited about this position of that individual or yonder group of idiotic morons. I know that there are morons out there that can bend the facts much faster than Magneto would be able to bend the tiniest of needles. I know that. I am not blind. But are they increasing  their  numbers? I confess I don’t think so. And that’s mostly because I am a poseur.

Not that things are as they should be. I am not a cultural stagnist. For those believing this is as good as it can get I confess that I would sure wish that this is as good as it would get, for them. Because in dying on the spot they would not experience all of the many good fun that is still out there, yet to come.

I confess to being jealous of Kotsko, Adam and of Wolfson, Ben and of Davies, Daniel all of which are amongst those who’re notorious on this corner of the internet in which I am posing as somebody who likes to make people stare. Hell, I confess to once even having posed as a girl. My facade is just a fake. I’m a laid back non-actvist who thinks things are on the up and up and who is quite content with being popular with The Wife and The Kids and notorious in this corner of the world with a couple of anonymous individuals who are my friends.

I confess that being an anonymous individual is not the worst aspiration to have, all in all.


June 3, 2011 - Posted by | Friday Afternoon Confessional, politics


  1. I confess that I found a huge scary spider in the kitchen and used The Girlfriend’s shoe to kill it. I confess that it continued to haunt my dreams last night and I fear I may never recover.

    I confess that I persistently forget to refill the poop bags when I use the last one, leaving The Girlfriend to find improvised solutions when she next takes The Dog out. I’m hoping that confessing this will help me to remember next time.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | June 3, 2011

  2. killing spiders results in either finding gold or in a thunderstorm (aalz alval alt olno/aadar orno)
    i confess i am jealous of the above mentioned individuals too in that they wouldn’t follow me on twttr, but then i have nothing much to say anyway and what i say i delete often so there is no point in that following whatsever, i confess i have 10-11 bots following me though, sometimes their numbers decrease by one

    Comment by read | June 3, 2011

  3. A spider is not huge if it can be killed by a shoe. The youth of today, tss. Tss.

    Comment by Guido Nius | June 3, 2011

  4. I confess that Adam’s confession reminded me of the time I had to try to clean up my 90 lb. lab/golden mix’s poop with a coffee shop receipt.

    I confess I’m probably going to use my impending vacation as an excuse to put more things off at work than I have to.

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | June 3, 2011

  5. I confess that I have hesitated to start tweeting until I figure out who I’m supposed to be on twitter.

    I confess that I opened a twitter account some months ago and forgot about until I searched me email for something and up came a confirmation.

    I confess that that account is named “Marvin Gardens.” As whom I’m not about to start tweeting.

    Comment by Josh K-sky | June 3, 2011

  6. I confess that Kotsko, Adam and Davies, Daniel are waaaaay better known/more notorious than I am.

    I confess further that I always get really nervous or perhaps apprehensive when about to read more-established philosophers from whose work I’ve already taken a lot writing about topics close to my interest, especially on Anscombe, because I think they’re certain to have either (a) said exactly what I think or (b) said something that deviates only slightly from what I think, both possibilities that would really frustrate me.

    Comment by ben | June 3, 2011

  7. What are you working on, Ben? I confess I am intrigued. Re-discovery is not worse than first discovery, I think.

    Comment by Guido Nius | June 4, 2011

  8. any thought can be thought again and independently anew by anyone else just it requires some specific conditions for the brain or some consecutive causes for the thought to as if like emerge maybe
    too much portion of any western science takes remembering the names of who thought what first and maybe that’s fair and should be like that, and without the famous names any science would look like that, religion, maybe and sure, who i am to conclude that too

    Comment by read | June 4, 2011

  9. I confess to being baffled by my students: when talking abstractly and conceptually, they seem to hold comparatively radical positions (for, on average, second year undergraduate students), but once we move to talking about actual issues, they are unbelievably reactionary. For instance, they have a liberal interpretation on the international law prohibition on torture, but after looking at about 100 Abu Ghraib photos, they were split on whether that was “degrading, inhuman treatment” or not; they are unpersuaded by Dershowitz-Bauer ticking timebomb arguments, but think it is okay to torture from time to time.

    Comment by Craig | June 4, 2011

  10. Oh, another: I confess that my dog, Gordon, should confess to being addicted to medicine and diagnostic procedures: ACHT stim, T4, CBC, urineanalysis, and bacterial culture all on Monday and Wednesday; yesterday he scratched his eye, so back we go to get another topical antibiotic, eye lubricant, and god-knows-what-else. At least they’ll do the really, really freaky test where they put some weird green chemical in his eye, rub it around, and turn off the lights to see if it glows.

    Comment by Craig | June 4, 2011

  11. my firm belief is that that dogs should heal themselves licking themselves and in that belief i’m reactionary i guess
    or they should be treated with all the might of the modern medicine when the technology is available equally for all the human beings first

    Comment by read | June 4, 2011

  12. Next time you have any of (or in combination) Cushings, hypothyroidism, persistent skin infection, urinary infection, and a degenerative nerve disease, I strongly recommend that you try licking yourself healthy. Good news: the cornea wasn’t scratched; just some irritation of some sort.

    Comment by Craig | June 4, 2011

  13. well, for a dog owner feeling touchy i can understand, but still feel why one would feel the need to keep the poor creature suffering from so grave conditions combined, just so because you can, right
    if only all the sick kids in the world could have the simplest antibiotiks, for example, available at this time and age, after that maybe people could treat their sick pets to their hearts’ full contents using all the possible means, using ct mri radio isotopo gene and whatever therapy

    Comment by read | June 4, 2011

  14. I confess that my cat has gained his twenty-first pound.

    Comment by Josh K-sky | June 4, 2011

  15. Read, feel free to admit that you don’t have a clue what you are talking about. If you’re concerned about the distribution of antibiotics, point your fingers at chicken, pig and cow farmers–the use of antibiotics of livestock rearing in the US alone is the single largest use of antibiotics worldwide. (This is also the reason why there isn’t enough affordable food to go around.) The reason, of course, is that livestock is raised in such deplorable conditions that it is necessary to pre-emptively treat for infection. The downside, of course, is that this produces the vast majority of the strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

    Comment by Craig | June 4, 2011

  16. thanks for your advice, but i’m very bad at taking advices of how to admit any faults on my behalf, sorry
    i don’t care about the antibiotiks using farmers, could be chemotherapy what is lacking for the third world children or antivirals or vaccines
    i wish, sure, your pet all the best and mnogie leta – long healthy years, just what if the pet owners treating their sick pets in the expensive pet clinics and bragging about all those expensive treatments would donate every time they go there 5-10 dollars to some charity, maybe they could save a third world kid from dysentery and be free of the pangs of conscience if they have those of course, could be win-win-win all around
    as for me, i won’t have any pets for life cz that’s too much responsibility for another alive being and perhaps just simply can’t afford the cost of keeping them i guess

    Comment by read | June 4, 2011

  17. It isn’t clear why you object to my dog having medicine but you are fine with roughly 70% of the world stock of antibiotics going into livestock production. Your view can only be described as insane. Further, and I don’t mean to be rude, but I don’t get the impression from your comments on The Weblog that any of your money goes towards helping anyone but yourself.

    Comment by Craig | June 4, 2011

  18. where i said i’m fine with the antibiotiks used in livestock, i said i don’t care, seems like two different attitudes
    and i have to explain why i support only myself on the weblog? ho-ho, thanks, for your interest, i’m very moved, so i support only myself with occasional donations to redcross or dwb if i’ moved by the hatural disasters, and don’t feel any guilt in that that i support only myself cz don’t have to treat my pets while feeling guilty for the starving and sick kids worldwide, sure the pets in the first worlds enjoy very humane living and treatment conditions, good for them, i just wish that was possible for all humans, is that that insane wish

    Comment by read | June 4, 2011

  19. am moved by natural disasters, excuse my english

    Comment by read | June 4, 2011

  20. I confess that that depressed me a little. I would also gladly welcome an era of decadence where all live in plenty. More, I welcome it, strike all of the would’ing.

    I fear all of this antibioticking may have defocused Wolfson, Ben from the intrigue I had expressed at, I think, 11.

    Comment by Guido Nius | June 5, 2011

  21. @Craig

    “Read, feel free to admit that you don’t have a clue what you are talking about.” is an utterly arrogant phraseology, regardless of what read has said.

    Comment by grrl | June 5, 2011

  22. Bitch, please. The gist of your indignation was to withhold care for companion animals because some poor children don’t have access to antibiotics. Big ups, though, for texting “REDCROSS” to help one of the richest countries recover from an environmental setback.

    As an imperfect person in a cruel word, my heart aches for all sentient suffering. It’s absurd that some have so much (to spare) when others have none. Medicine, money, nourishment, obviously there is more than enough to go around the world. Surely we could each be doing more to alleviate the deficits. Please, tell me truly: if I ship my dog’s co-amoxiclav over to Africa, will this make much of a difference?

    It’s hardly bragging to jokingly confess that your dog may be angling for vet visits because he can’t get enough pills or procedures. Gordon, the canine in question, has several chronic conditions requiring constant monitoring and juggling of medications to ensure that what treats one doesn’t hinder another. His quality of life is great, thanks. Going to the vet is Gordon’s very favourite! His second favourite is pills. As to this latest eye irritation, he simply shit in the wrong raspberry bush and a branch fought back. This event happened to occur at the end of a week with a regularly scheduled check-up (complete with costly blood work), a dermatologic flare-up, and a urinary infection. Craig was lamenting this situation in an acceptable venue for such trivial comments. Truth be told, we’re flat fucking broke. Almost always. The luxury of our lives is providing the best possible existence for the few furry friends we’re lucky enough to love. That others have it nowhere near as nice won’t ever preclude us from doing anything and everything to ensure that Gordon has another great day again tomorrow.

    It’s incredible how a comment about caring for any animal always has to bring an asinine response about the plight of “third world children.” However, you’ve yet to suggest to your fellow confessors who have created new humans that they shouldn’t treat their children’s maladies until all can be cured, or that they must at least make a charitable donation before they pick up a prescription.

    Being so moved by natural disasters, that must then mean that the mass rape of Congolese women means nothing to you. For shame! Hurry, you need to now match (nay, exceed!) those previous donations to this cause or forever keep quiet about any other personal concerns for all time. Even a contumelious comment in such a forum as this may be deemed unacceptable if you don’t do it right fucking now.

    Be the change!

    Comment by Blythe | June 5, 2011

  23. what? i don’t even get half of what you wrote, what Congolese women have to do with the natural disasters relief i’ve tried to donate
    caring about your beloved dog makes you good people, fine, and i said i’m reactionary in my belief that humans must be cared first before animals, that, globally, like, wishfully, so that’s insane and asinine and a very, like, expected reaction for me to hear, but that’s fine too
    what else should i say, an apology i won’t issue however, cz still think hat i think and i’m glad when people genuinely get angry and show that they care about stuff, everything is just too safe and not real and natural when people interact irl or on internet

    Comment by read | June 5, 2011

  24. what i think

    Comment by read | June 5, 2011

  25. @all

    Compared with the fragment inCraig‘s comment #15 (that is: Read, feel free to admit that you don’t have a clue what you are talking about.”), Blythe’s comment #22 (that is: the entire polylogia starting with “Bitch” and ending with “fucking now”) is the peak of arrogant phraseology combined with other things I’d abstain from mentioning, because too non flattering.
    (& these considerations stand there unaltered, regardless of what read might have said.)

    Comment by grrl | June 6, 2011

  26. thanks, grrl, i can stand any phraseology cz mine is not that better i guess, just can’t stand the swpl attitude in whatever and express that at the first impulse insulting i guess a lot of people, which is unreasonable of me
    happy monday to all

    Comment by read | June 6, 2011

  27. grrl, let me continue my streak of arrogance that apparently offends you: when you have extensive personal and professional experience in the areas being discussed, feel free to chime in with a reasonable view. Until such time, I recommend keeping your opinions to yourself when there are people around who have actual knowledge. By extensive professional experience, I refer to, for instance, an academic specialty in something akin to “animals and society” and by personal experience I refer to, for instance, having successfully managed multiple animals with multiple chronic conditions. I’ll hazard a guess that my and Blythe’s knowledge on the subject far exceeds any fart of pedestrian wisdom you or read might squeef out. “Arrogance” is earned, sweetheart.

    Comment by Craig | June 6, 2011

  28. Grrl, Please don’t play “niceness police.” It annoys me more than anything. Craig and Blythe used harsh phraseology; read accused them of somehow being complicit in the suffering of Third World children. It’s hard for me to see who’s being more “mean” here, and the standard of “who’s using the most obviously mean words” rather than “who’s being inflammatory in substance” is frankly motherfucking stupid.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | June 6, 2011

  29. And if you respond with something along the lines of “well you’re policing my policing so who’s policing now,” I will literally projectile vomit into my modem so that it will come out on your end.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | June 6, 2011

  30. Craig and Blythe don’t take their vet money out of the “insurance for read’s sister” fund or the “food for poor kids” fund.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | June 6, 2011

  31. My dogs (and cats) just confessed they resent all this misplaced angst aimed in their direction.

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | June 6, 2011

  32. Depresses me a lot.

    Comment by Guido Nius | June 6, 2011

  33. I really think someone needs to develop that projectile vomitting feature. I understand that freedom of speech means that people have a right to respond however they want to others’ speech, including with such idiotic and time-wasting bullshit as “niceness police” comments. I would not want to restrict their right to do “niceness police” in any way. But if normal people don’t have a right to comment without passive-aggressive “niceness police” critiques, then the “niceness police” themselves shouldn’t have the right to make such comments without being sprayed by projectile vomit.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | June 6, 2011

  34. Also, does anyone notice that almost every time there’s a major blowup on The Weblog, read is involved?

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | June 6, 2011

  35. Wait, there was also that crab boil controversy… I retract my last comment.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | June 6, 2011

  36. Remember that time when read blamed women for being complicit in their rape because rape victims always dress like sluts? That was pretty classic.

    Comment by Craig | June 6, 2011

  37. Perhaps the other way to look at the major blowups is that I’m almost involved–usually for dismissing someone as an idiot (but only because they say, intentionally or not, something truly silly).

    Comment by Craig | June 6, 2011

  38. There was the one about the Japanese getting too much credit for being artsy. Were you in that hullaballoo Craig?

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | June 6, 2011

  39. Not being as white as other people commenting here, I have no knowledge of Japan and its culture. Accordingly, I would not have participated in any such discussion except to say that I found “Akira” to be absolutely incomprehensible and I that I never “got” any of the Americanized Japanese horror movies because, unlike some others, I do no opine when I am ignorant without explicitly saying that I am ass-talking.

    Comment by Craig | June 6, 2011

  40. That one about the Japanese was what I had in mind with my comment about read’s controversial nature. It seems that perhaps both read and Craig cause controversy, and we have now reached the pinnacle by having them argue with each other.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | June 6, 2011

  41. In my defense: I did not *cause* controversy. I merely suggested that my dog, Gordon, confess to a possible addiction to routine veterinary procedures. read, however, attacked me because she apparently believes that animals have public (or private employed provided) insurance schemes in Canada (if only! *I* don’ even have insurance for myself or Blythe from my employer) and that this is the direct cause of African children shitting themselves to death and her sister coughing up god-knows-what garbage from her lungs. In other words, read’s unrelenting ignorance provoked others to correct her. Which, of course, she stupidly resisted with basically insane reasons.

    Comment by Craig | June 6, 2011

  42. Perhaps we could harness it as a new alternative energy.

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | June 6, 2011

  43. @Craig & Blyth
    Read is one of those ‘commons’ with ideas we laugh so often at. Read is so predictable that I come here especilly to check if her comments are ‘in line’ with what I always guess she will say. In a case like this (where she commented about dogs, medicine, poor people medication, and bla bla…) I would (btw, I don’t agree – in principle – with what she says) simply tell her “you are wrong, read, you mix one thing with another, our dog…blah… blah & blah…”. There is no need to get aggressive – and boy, in such a Spießbürger style.

    Relax man, and buy yourself some medicin against ‘vomiting’. I am a lecturer myself. An academic lecturer, btw. You can’t impress me with ‘Brechreiz’.

    Comment by grrl | June 6, 2011

  44. At risk of pointing out the obvious, grrl’s style is the only style of writing appearing on this blog that could be construed as either “pretentious” or “arrogant” under any reasonable definition of either term. “Spießbürger style,” really? “peak of arrogant phraseology combined with other things I’d abstain from mentioning, because too non flattering,” really? Come, now.

    Comment by Craig | June 6, 2011

  45. @Craig
    I would not waste the time to tell you that you use arrogant phraseology if I did not ‘suspect’ you were an academic. This is why I took the time to point it to you (just in case you can’t evaluate the ‘value’ of my comments addressed to you, and Blythe). In between, Adam proved he might need some ‘academic’ opinion too… (on his ‘projektil vomiting desires’) :)

    Comment by grrl | June 6, 2011

  46. Nothing like an unwanted stranger coming over uninvited to shit in your living room–and then take a fit when the hosts and invited guests are upset and annoyed.

    Comment by Craig | June 6, 2011

  47. this is not your living room, this is a blog that accepts comments from anyone (for a ‘living room’ situation, there is an option on wordpress for restricting the number of visitors).

    read came by, and – in her usual ‘exotic’ manner commented something. You and Blythe took a fit.

    And now, you take still more fits. :)

    Agressive dog owners do not contribute to changing the attitude of ‘masses’ towards dogs (in special), or animals (in general).

    Btw, I own a dog myself. And I visit the vet regularly (more regularly than necessary – that I say just to annoy read :)…)

    Comment by grrl | June 6, 2011

  48. Wow. To be honest, a lot of what gets discussed here is out of my comfort zone and that’s why I pretty much stick to little quips and goofy observations on Tuesdays and Fridays. I especially dont get in the fights because half the time I don’t care or can’t figure out what the hell one side is even saying. But on this metaargument, I have to say. If I’m read and I have the choice of being shouted down in Perhaps a mean way and viewed as a predictable and curious sideshow, please shout me down.

    Also, I drafted this on a cell phone,’which is a heinous luxury so please let me know which charity to send $20

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | June 6, 2011

  49. I confess I love to read read’s contributions and don’t think one could objectively call her a stranger here. A nice little pie fight, but nothing like so fun as the Kotsko-Holbo events of days gone by.

    Comment by grackle | June 6, 2011

  50. @Matt in Toledo

    you have used a “Perhaps” too many (in comment #49)

    Comment by grrl | June 7, 2011

  51. One of the trademarks of the niceness police is a tendency to summarize the conversation.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | June 7, 2011

  52. It’s bizarre to me to call somebody out for being mean to another person by a) being insulting to the party you are supposedly defending and b) assuming the person you are calling out is an asshole who would assign your opinion about blog discussion etiquette more weight because you’re an academic.

    From my recollection, just about every commenter on this site will call you a dipshit when they see fit regardless of your educational background.

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | June 7, 2011

  53. @Matt in Toledo
    I agree, being an academic, especially having “an academic specialty in something akin to ‘animals and society’” does not assign someone’s opinion more weight, in no way a weight that would exceed “any fart of pedestrian wisdom” [quotes from comment #27], “sweetheart”! :)

    extensive professional experience, I refer to, for instance, an academic specialty in something akin to “animals and society” and by personal experience I refer to, for instance, having successfully managed multiple animals with multiple chronic conditions. I’ll hazard a guess that my and Blythe’s knowledge on the subject far exceeds any fart of pedestrian wisdom

    Comment by grrl | June 7, 2011

  54. sorry, the last text fragment in my comment above (#54) is a simple copy(and paste) from #27, a apassage that I transported into my comment for easier quoting and forgot to delete (anyway, in that form, perhaps it helps still more to understand what I meant in #54)

    Comment by grrl | June 7, 2011

  55. I apologize for boring anybody else further with this, but the quoted sections were opening the door for your opinion if you had professional or personal knowledge of the topic of discussion.

    You, on the other hand, seemed to call him a meanie in academic speak and then threw in that you were an academic in case he might dismiss your opinion otherwise.

    Since I assume your specialty in academia isn’t online etiquette, the personal background would seem to be irrelevant.

    Again, I apologize for giving more life to a truly bizarre argument stemming from pet owners taking what sound like non-remarkable steps to ensure the comfort of their dog.

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | June 7, 2011

  56. Hi, Craig and Blythe and everyone. I am sorry I hurt your feelings. I wish your dog all the best. Please be sure my apology is sincere and I admit I was wrong in this thread. I hope my comment at 30 will be deleted by the proprietors of the blog as I asked them through emails, because I feel uneasy about my personal information exposed openly to everyone but it seems emails don’t reach them. Thank you in advance for granting me the favor.

    Comment by read | June 8, 2011

  57. Done.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | June 8, 2011

  58. Now the entire comment thread is off. Please update all comment references to reflect the change. Thanks.

    Comment by Richard McElroy | June 8, 2011

  59. Thanks!

    Comment by read | June 8, 2011

  60. You’re right, Richard — we definitely want to help out the scholars who will be closely studying this thread.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | June 8, 2011

  61. Shit, I guess I’m changing my thesis….again.

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | June 8, 2011

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