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Tuesday Hatred: Many are called, but few are home

I hate mediocre roast beef, and I hate that the object of my hatred is so widespread on this earth. I hate the low quality of the cherries I bought yesterday, and the number of them that have split and thereby become disgusting to my sight. I hate that my passport has expired and my social security card (apparently) been misplaced. I hate the continued non-existence of my “romantic” “life”. I hate that, not only does the one person I ever play email chess with occasionally solicit me for a game when I can’t play one, he isn’t even available precisely at those times that I want to play. The nerve!


June 7, 2011 - Posted by | Tuesday Hatred


  1. I hate forgetting things that I hate. That is what makes this web feature such a burden — either you must find some way of noting down all your hatreds during the week (thus probably becoming too fixated thereon), or else you must face the humiliation of dimly recalling being filled to the brim with hate and yet being unable to remember the objects thereof.

    I hate it when a really ground-breaking book has a vague and undescriptive title.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | June 7, 2011

  2. I hate that The Weblog doesn’t have an app to log hatred throughout the week.

    Comment by Richard McElroy | June 7, 2011

  3. It’s too bad we don’t have anyone writing Tuesday Hatred who’s also a computer programmer — oh wait, we do.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | June 7, 2011

  4. I hate when in Words with Friends, I have four straight turns with nothing but vowels. The most frustrating thing is only being able to use one or two letters and then having to watch as more goddamn “I”s and “U”s pop up.

    The bulk of my hatred, though, is reserved for one particular situation. When there is a long line of traffic due to construction or just run-of-the-mill congestion, I hate when people stop in another lane in order to get in the line. These drivers are trying to be polite and don’t want to feel the hateful glances of all the drivers they are “cutting in front of” while looking for a break in the line that doesn’t require stopping and hosing up traffic even more. Either that or they think the cutters are the ones causing the jam, I suppose, but that’s mistaken because when you’re a skillful cutter, it doesn’t even slow anybody down.

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | June 7, 2011

  5. I hate that I am inordinately stressed out by having a medium-sized project to manage. I hate that I can’t just accept that this is a very good way to earn a little money while continuing to write. I hate that I haven’t found an attractive nearby route for walking or bicycling.

    Comment by k-sky | June 7, 2011

  6. I hate that my department haven’t offered me a TA position for next semester, but emailed me yesterday to say that, if I file my dissertation before the beginning of the semester, this new qualification will allow them to offer me a position as a “lecturer,” which means doing exactly the same work as a TA for less money and no health insurance.

    I hate that academic employment is such that I can see why the department think they’re doing me a favor with this.

    Comment by voyou | June 7, 2011

  7. I hate Dallas summer. Already 100 degrees every single day. This does not bode at all well for July and August.
    I hate myself for praying for Gulf hurricanes,

    Comment by bob mcmanus | June 7, 2011

  8. I really hate it when I unable to convince students of analytical claims that I take to be self-evident such as the difference between normative and descriptive claims. Apparently students (at least some of them) think I am making a claim about Peter Dinklage when I say he is abnormally short or that Larry Bird (to choose the only basketball player that comes to mind) is abnormally tall. Students: when I say normal I mean plus or minus two standard deviations from the mean; outside that range is, by definition, normal! “Whose to say what’s normal?” Every fucking stats textbook in the world!!!

    Comment by Craig | June 7, 2011

  9. And yet we don’t need to use “normal” in that statistical sense.

    Comment by ben | June 7, 2011

  10. It’s true, we don’t–except when we are talking about normal in that statistical sense.

    Comment by Craig | June 7, 2011

  11. I hate how many t-shirts seem to have been irremediably stained by spattering oil. Maybe I should get, like, an apron or some such shit.

    Comment by ben | June 8, 2011

  12. I have this one. It works all right.

    Comment by Josh K-sky | June 8, 2011

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