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Friday Afternoon Confessional: Un PoCo PoMo

I confess that I’m politically correct. Somehow I can’t make sense of not trying to be correct. Not that I am a perfectionist. Far from it, I am more of a post-perfectionist. It’s just that I don’t see where it helps to be impolite. Sure, it may bring some relief but isn’t relief best sought in private? Call me old fashioned for not wanting to be  taken back to times wherein  people interacted in more primitive ways.

I further confess that I am post-modern. This in the only sense in which I ever could make sense of that concept: that there is no modernity that stands to premodernity in the way prehistory stands to history. There’s only one real break in history and that is the one that caused there to be history at all. Since then: “Nous sommes tous des déracinés.” It is a pity that the closest English word I know of is ‘uprooted’. It is so crass, it doesn’t do justice to the mellow feeling of melancholy for roots that never were. It doesn’t do justice to the fact that we were always like that, but that it took us about 10K years before we started to really realize it. We have been uprooted from the time we started to create roots.

Pues, estoy un poco pomo. Ain’t that nice?

I finally confess that this frequency is killing me. It also keeps me even more away from my serious work. See how I resisted the temptation to put that in quotes? Bravo me!


June 24, 2011 - Posted by | Friday Afternoon Confessional, shameless self-promotion


  1. I confess that I shed tears over my brother’s dog dying and felt guilty because there are people I know who have passed on and not received the same tribute. I confess I hesitated to post that confession because of past discussions at this website.

    I confess to feeling guilty when somebody invites me to play Words with Friends and I proceed to pummel them. Actually, I also feel guilty when I invite them to play and destroy them after they accept. Come to think of it, I’m a little uncomfortable overall with the proper way to behave when beating an opponent. I seem to always anticipate them taking my comments the wrong way.

    In my defense, this stems from people in my past handling their beatings poorly. If I continued to play as if I “didn’t know the score”, I was accused of running up the score. If I “eased up”, it was condescending. This confession may make it sound like I think I’m hot shit or something, but trust me, I’ve had my share of sound defeats as well. I’m just better equipped to handle those.

    I confess I’m a little uncomfortable as to what it says about me that I’m more comfortable socially with losing than winning.

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | June 24, 2011

  2. Even though I think American prisons (especially) are on the order of a crime against humanity, I laughed when I read just now that Barbara Amiel “fainted” (what is this? 1894?) when Conrad Black’s resentencing hearing resulted in him being sent back to federal prison. If this isn’t worthy of a confession, I’m not sure what is.

    Matt: you were likely closer to the dog than the humans. I’ve cried for all the animals that have lived with me and died with me; I have not cried for any relative that has died.

    Comment by Craig | June 24, 2011

  3. I confess that today The Girlfriend and I went to a new comic book shop in our neighborhood, and I was tempted to dig through the back issue boxes for a couple of old Green Lantern comics I had missed as a kid. I confess that Green Lantern was one of my favorites, and now it feels cheapened by the (probably shitty) movie. I confess that I particularly liked the Green Lantern: Mosaic series, which was more experimental.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | June 24, 2011

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