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Tuesday Heatred: success div-zeroes me out

It is hot here and I am conclusively ambivalent about being cool.

I hate people coming out to say they want to avoid ‘the year too many’. Once they said that 3 things invariably happen: the current year immediately proves to be the year too many, there will be at least another year which is even worse because it will be a kind of goodbye tour critically self-referencing the previous years and in so doing it will even ruin the fun you did enjoy in these previous years of innocent excellence. Yes, I’m talking about House.

I hate ‘on the one hand … on the other hand’ type of discourse. On the one hand cool is irresistible. It is of the essence of cool to be irresistibly hot. On the other hand being cool requires at least some behaving like a bastard. Behaving as if one couldn’t care less is of the essence of cool. I hate that you think that the cool/hot thing has been done before and has been done better.

I also hate any talk about win-win-strategies. It’s as if non-zero sum games are somehow the only games that are possible. Maybe this is so for the cool guys but it is certainly not so for those of us that get all heated up because they know that in the realm of the possible there’s no option in which it is possible to even have a cake, let alone eat it. Mostly this is so because other people take our cake after eating theirs too. These people are cool. Sometimes they are so fed up that they go out of their way to leave us something as well. Even the successful can’t go without friendship I guess. They don’t have to fight for it though, the fighting is left to us. I hate that you think that the cake eating thing has been done before and have been done better.

It is all a matter of success. In the end we all know that winners pick winners. The rest of us are by default whiners. Losers too but only because we see it as losing and seeing it that way is just whining and whining is for losers. I hate that you think that the winners/whiners thing has been done before and has been done better.

I hate that I have to admit that thinking in terms of success is unavoidable. The title I had in my head for this was “S*cks a*s div-zeroes me out” (and then I thought about the morons that link to The Weblog with search terms like ‘albino girls naked’ or worse, things that freak me out because even if I’m not a prude: come on, get a life!). Thinking about success does make me I feel trapped like a fly on the inside of a very clean window, trying to reach the lamp post on the other side. I am not a winner; I hope daugter is.

I leave you with something that also freaked me out when googling the title, it was in between Miami heat merchandise:

I hate modesty, certainly if it requires you to be extremely thin on the inside.


June 28, 2011 - Posted by | economics, Tuesday Hatred


  1. I really hate it when it think today is tomorrow. Yesterday I thought it was Tuesday; today I think it is Wednesday. But, no, today is Tuesday–as is evidenced by the hate. On the topic of hate, I really, really hate it when people link to my blog from Facebook: you can never tell who did the linking, if it is a friendly link or a mocking link. As a general rule, I assume someone is making fun of me and promise to hunt them down should I ever encounter them, which is impossible because I don’t have a Facebook account: the few times I’ve seen the site, I’ve wondered, “What type of idiot uses this website? Why can’t they just get a Livejournal or something and use email?”

    Comment by Craig McFarlane | June 28, 2011

  2. Oh, and I also hate that stupid black bar at the top of Google Reader–it is just as stupid as the one for WordPress.

    Comment by Craig McFarlane | June 28, 2011

  3. I posted your Flogging piece on my FB via Adam’s Reader links, Craig. I don’t know if that palliates or focuses your hatred, but there you go.

    So far three people have liked it, and one person posted a Pogues song in response to my “Rum, Sodomy and the Lash” reference.

    Comment by Josh K-sky | June 28, 2011

  4. Well, that’s a relief!

    Comment by Craig McFarlane | June 28, 2011

  5. I like the WordPress toolbar thing, though I guess I could achieve much the same effect with the bookmark toolbar in my browser.

    I hate indexing books. I especially hate it when I’m on the cusp of being at the point of my career where I can afford to turn down such work, but not quite there yet.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | June 28, 2011

  6. I especially hate it when I’m on the cusp of being at the point of my career where I can afford to turn down such work, but not quite there yet.

    Hells to the yeah.

    I hate that I am two weeks late in proposing a fee structure for an assignment. I have good reasons to have fallen behind on it — reasons for which, did they not compromise certain parties’ privacy to relate them, I would summon furious hatred here — but the client has no way of knowing it. It’s a decent chunk of money, but because I’d prefer to sit around making stuff up, I haven’t grabbed the bag, and it may well disappear.

    Comment by Josh K-sky | June 28, 2011

  7. @Guido Nius
    yeahhhh, I agree with you, “whining is for losers”, man, especially for those that are fighting for dogs’ rights.

    ps 1: and now I am eating your cake… :)
    ps 2: the cake eating thing has been done before and have been done better…
    ps 3: where is read? :)))

    Comment by grrl | June 29, 2011

  8. Thx for catching a spelling error. Not that I have make it difficult for you.

    Comment by Guido Nius | June 29, 2011

  9. I hate: fruit flies, timesheets, the persistent spraininess of my sprained ankle, the tacky feeling of sunscreen on my skin, retaining and organizing receipts for expense reimbursements, and my failure to do same, which results in my not getting reimbursed, which I also hate.

    Comment by jms | June 29, 2011

  10. @Guido Nius
    when you have counted my eating your cakes, you has been overlooking “the cake eating thing has been done before and have been done better”… :)

    ps 3 reloaded: where is read? what have has you all done to read? :)))

    Comment by grrl | June 29, 2011

  11. I hate when Read doesn’t post. I hate that our small town city manager fired our beloved police chief for “no cause”, the latter of whom had instituted a community policing policy that really works, had disbanded the cowboy swat team and cleaned up our small town which had previously had a higher violent crime rate than Oaktown CA. I hate Christian apologetics aimed at ignorant people. I hate that those doing such apologizing don’t know either the limits of reason nor the concepot of ‘futility.’

    Comment by grackle | June 29, 2011

  12. thanks, grrls and guys, it’s great to know that you here miss me, i appreciate
    i’m a bit busy lately and just try to not comment here and elsewhere so that to avoid the time sucking loop of checking and rechecking the responses if there are any
    you all have a great summer!

    Comment by read | June 29, 2011

  13. hi read! “time sucking loop” is a great expression! Suits marvellously to what I am doing right now! :)
    I will surely have a great summer, especially when students get away (from libraries and other cool spaces wher I like to look for shelter – I mean ‘cool’ in teh physical way… as outside is too hot in summer).
    Have a great summer too!

    Comment by grrl | June 30, 2011

  14. I hate when people don’t pick up their dog’s shit on the trail I use for running. I hate the “oh, you poor fool” look so many bikers and roller bladers give me when I, a runner, pass them. I could be imagining the look, but I assume they’re reacting to my labored breathing and overall exhaustion from trying to put in a good time on my run while they clip along at a much faster pace with relatively little effort.

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | June 30, 2011

  15. I don’t hate that I just found out Mammoth and Mastodon are back.

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | June 30, 2011

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