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Spoiler Alert Thursday

Basically, there was only one show on this past week that anyone cares about: that is, I assume no one is the least bit interested in “Combat Hospital” (wow: what a terrible show! But at least it has Adam Beach–occasionally) and “Murdoch Mysteries.” There were also two Poirot episodes of “Masterpiece Mystery!” I won’t lie. I really, really hate the “host” of that show. Is he really necessary? I know he thinks he is necessary, but does anyone else see it that way?

To return to the main point. The fourth season of “True Blood” began this past Sunday night. I must admit, I was more than a little disappointed. As I mentioned last week, we had been plowing through the first three seasons again (in part because I’m finally getting around to writing that piece of “True Blood” and consumption). The first and third seasons were especially good, even if Rene as the killer was a bit of a letdown. The second season, as I’ve mentioned previously, was great when it was about rescuing Godric, but dragged on when attention turned to Maryanne. But, the third season was absolutely fantastic–although the werewolves and werepanthers were a bit a lame; especially the werepanthers. But, on the whole, I’ve enjoyed the series thus far.

As I said, I felt letdown by the premier. First, what sort of laziness pushes the plot 13 months into future? This is a sad sort of writing that allows a lot to happen without having to show why or how or that it had to happen. (But then, the first three seasons took place in a period of about two or three months.) What? Tommy is alive? Sam is paying restitution and going to “anger management” (where “anger management” means a group of shifters running in the woods as horses)? Tommy has hooked up with Maxine (sexually!?) and is now a crazy Christian? (At least he’s alive and can apparently read–the Bible, if nothing else.) Bill is the Vampire King? (So he somehow managed to kill Sophie-Anne in a one on one fight? How? Why would anyone let a queenslayer become king?) Further, Bill is banging Andy’s sister? (And Andy’s sister is Trinity’s daughter? Didn’t like her then; won’t like her now.) Eric is still sheriff? (Why would Bill keep Eric on as sheriff?) And he bought Sookie’s house because he’s obsessed with her? And Jason’s a cop? And Andy’s a V addict to the point that Jason seems to actually be running the cop shop? And Jason periodically brings a truckful of ice cream and meat to Hot Shot to feed the orphans? Let’s not even start with Lafayette (great hair, by the way!) and Jesus! Or that crazy witch! And what is up with Tara? She’s a lesbo-cage-fighter? Oh, and Sookie was in fairy-land for like fifteen minutes, but it was actually 13 human months? And her grandfather is Bill Lumberg? Oh, and fairies are actually nasty little goblins who can throw exploding balls of light? How did the vampires ever wipe them out when they are that powerful?

Although I found much of the episode to be rather dubious, I must recognize two things: (1) it is setting up the season and will likely take an episode or two more before it finds its rhythm; (2) it wasn’t all bad. So, the good: Jessica and Hoyt are still together and they are both really immature and new to the idea of relationships, even after a year of cohabitation. Their argument was hilarious. As was Pam’s intervention at Fangtasia when she noticed Jessica checking out some fang-banger. Pam had another highlight when the American Vampire League was at Fangtasia filming an advertisement to the effect of “vampires are just like us.” Pam, to say the least, completely failed at feigned sincerity. Eric, however, finished the advertisement masterfully. Jason’s face-pubes were kind of awesome in that they weren’t–almost a traditionally cop-goat, but not quite.


June 30, 2011 - Posted by | Spoiler Alert Thursdays


  1. I think they were in a bit of a bind — they could keep the immediacy, but then people would be asking, “How many huge crises can happen in Bon Temps in three months?” Overall, I was less disappointed in you, as I trust that they’ll come up with decently plausible explanations for most things. I’m just glad to have it back, honestly. It finally feels like summer again. Especially without Mad Men, this is our only consolation.

    Speaking of which, I’m planning on rewatching seasons 3 and 4 of Mad Men in the coming weeks. I just got the first two discs today. Thinking about it, I have Mad Men flashbacks — moments where I can almost taste the beautiful nihilism.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | June 30, 2011

  2. Apparently no one else watched “True Blood”! Hard to believe! The sheer frenetic impossibility of it all was part of the charm of the show. Where would the show be without Sookie lording it over everyone: “I was attacked by a serial killer last week and then a crazy-ass maenad took over my house and then two days some religious freak kept me in a storage locker in the basement of creepy church. You don’t tell me about missing work, Sam Merlotte!”

    We went into the season premier without having finished episodes 11 and 12 of Season 3. We finally got through those. It is plainly evident that not only is Sookie simple, but he’s also dumb. She hasn’t noticed–after about twenty-eight experiences–that the best moves that Bill and Eric have are deception of the sort of an apparent betrayal that is part of a larger plan to save her? How about when Eric is outside with Russell, dying, and Sookie wakes up. “Where’s Eric?” “He’s outside, dying.” “I hate him so much, but I have to save him.” “Eric, I just saved you, but I hate you, I wish you were dead. “Sookie, I don’t hate you. I love you more than I love Pam and my extensive collection of track suits. I would trade all of Pam’s pumps and leisure suits to be your one and only Viking Prince.” “You disgust me, Eric Northman.”

    I remain hopeful that Russell will return at some point. He was a great vampire.

    Comment by Craig McFarlane | July 2, 2011

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