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Spoiler Alert Thursday

We watch it every week in hope that it is an “Adam Beach guest stars” episode, but it never is. What it is, though, is absolutely terrible. I’m speaking, of course, of “Combat Hospital.” Last night the woman-doctor (“You can call me Doctor or Major”) removed a clot from someone’s head (she’s not a neurosurgeon! she’s a trauma surgeon! but don’t worry! it worked out fine!) and the rich, arrogant, “bad-boy” British doctor gets himself into trouble due to his rich, arrogant, bad-boy-ness (but don’t worry! he gets a stern talking-to from the Colonel! everything is okay! no one died! and it is good he snuck away on that helicopter to check on his pot field because they needed a doctor out there!) and guest-star-of-the-week channelled Encino Man from “Generation Kill,” but slightly more competent (he’s crazy! but that’s okay, he’s six generations military! his family has fought in every war going back to the stone ages! this will break his heart being sent home for being crazy! but he has a great idea with a satellite phone to communicate with the helicopter because it never occurred to anyone that they’d have phones on helicopters! so everyone is saved thanks to the crazy guy!). You can’t polish this turd.

Again, the only show that anyone really cares about (and by “anyone,” I mean myself, Blythe and Adam–maybe Bob) is “True Blood.”

Before continuing, Blythe observed while we were watching the second episode a second time (nothing else on Saturday nights): when the skinwalking shapeshifter told Sam the legend of how a skinwalker is made, Sam had a certain look in his eyes–will Sam kill Tommy in an effort to become a skinwalker?

To continue. A number of great things in this episode: (1) new Eric; (2) Pam’s Lady Gaga/dominatrix outfit when she’s beating up Lafayette in the Fangtasia basement; (3) Bill and Jessica’s progeny/maker discussion about Hoyt; (4) the look on Tommy’s face when he realizes that he can scam Maxine out of a shitload of money. A few less great things in this episode: (1) Alcide is back; (2) so is Debby; (3) but she’s been “clean” [no woman–or man–like that is ever “clean;” you just haven’t found the scum yet, Alcide] for a year now and looking to make amends–until she isn’t; (4) the strange gang-rape of Jason by all of the women of Hot Shot. One thing that could go either way: (1) the Scooby Gang of Tara, Lafayette and Jesus. One thing that will never, never improve: (1) Marnie–kill her off, now. One thing we are all wondering about: (1) what is up with the missing Steve Newlin? I guess another thing that we are all wondering about: that creepy doll in Hoyt and Jessica’s house, but unless that improves rapidly, it belongs in the “less great” column.

And, obviously, the single greatest thing about this week’s episode was when New Eric “forgot” Sookie’s name and called her “Snookie.” Finally: someone sees her for what she is! Second greatest thing: when New Eric apologizes for draining Claudine–one fairy down; how many more to go? (I never thought I’d cheer for genocide.)

Oh, and the recently elected parliamentary dictator, Steve Harper, will guest-star on next week’s episode of “Murdoch Mysteries.” He will play a bumbling desk sargeant or some-such: it seems appropriate. (Anyone remember those “Steve Harper is just like us” commercials where his office is all properly organized and tastefully decorated–but he drinks his coffee from a Beatles cup?)

And one more just because: a high Andy getting beaten by Sam.

(I understand that “Breaking Bad” has started or is about to start. Those watching that show are, of course, free to discuss it in comments.)


July 14, 2011 - Posted by | Spoiler Alert Thursdays


  1. The New Eric really is a fun change.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | July 14, 2011

  2. Sorry, I haven’t been watching TB, although it is being recorded to catch up later. But you know how that goes. The first ten minutes in fairyland just frightened me off.

    However, I have been watching Weeds this year. She makes me laugh a lot with her addiction to broadband irresponsibilty and inhibition fail. Number one son is going to end up strangling his mother this year. Doug is being positioned to be a major Wall Street fall-guy. Brother-in-law is still all puppylove. Nancy Botwin is one irresistable trainwreck.

    Comment by bob mcmanus | July 14, 2011

  3. I’m glad that Peter Dinklage was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. Now, he better win. And I’m also glad that Matt LeBlanc was nominated for comedic lead in whatever that show was called.

    Comment by Craig McFarlane | July 14, 2011

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