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Spoiler Alert Thursday

I’ll spare you a discussion of “Combat Hospital” because, I assure you, this week’s episode was just as bad–if not worse–than last week’s episode. Upon further reflection, I’m certain it is worse: not only did Dr. Whiney save the bride’s life, but she also saved the bride’s womb! These poor, so very poor, desert dwelling victims of the Taliban with absolutely perfect capped teeth and eyeliner able to withstand Taliban machine guns and multiple surgeries will be able to have children! And these plucky Afghans will name their first child after Dr. Whiney!

I can’t say I was disappointed with this episode of “Combat Hospital,” for it was exactly the sort of passively offensively crap that Canadian co-productions specialize in. I can say, however, that I was exceptional disappointed with this week’s episode of “Murdoch Mysteries.” The premise and investigation itself was fine, although Murdoch is starting to become comical in a muted sort of “steampunk” way–a few week’s ago he invented fax machines; this week he invented sonar. I look forward to the episode where he uses Bartitsu to defeat an opponent. But, returning to this week’s episode, the most passively offensive part (remember: this is made in Canada TV–it can’t be actively offensive!) was the “Steve Harper Scene.” If you thought that Steve Harper was intolerable when pretending to be a politician (as opposed to a parliamentary dictator), you should see him pretend to be a cop. Absolutely horrid.

Now, as far as I am concerned (readers may choose to disagree, of course), the only significant show on “quality” networks was “True Blood.” (Honestly: I just don’t get that show with the old man from “Seinfeld.” I didn’t get “Seinfeld” either. I know he’s central to Adam’s ontology; but I’d like my world without him on TV, thanks.)

So, “True Blood.” In short, Eric is very happy that he drained a fairy (and so am I). He spent his day outside swimming and challenged alligators to a fight. Bill went to Andy’s house with Andy’s sister to meet their mother. Turns out Bill has been fucking his greatx5 granddaughter. He has since put an end to it, apparently. Jason escaped from Hot Shot and killed Felton in the process. (Two minor characters dead in two weeks; excellent.) Pam confronts Marnie during a spell designed to return Eric’s memory to him and she gets her ass kicked–her face starts to decay and fall off. Tommy went back to his mother, but it was a trap: Joe Lee puts a choke-chain around his neck promising to teach him obedience (just like Cesar Milan!) and, presumably, to return to the dog fight circuit. And Sam got a bit stalker-creepy going to the skinwalker’s house and moving in on her daughter–and basically promising to kill her ex-boyfriend, who just happens to be a werewolf.

Even weeks after the end of its first season, people continue to write about “Game of Thrones.” Foreign Policy has a strange article on “Game of Thrones” and international relations. And someone has made an absolutely huge map of Westeros. And last, but certainly not least, someone has made a great video called “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Lannister.”


July 21, 2011 - Posted by | Spoiler Alert Thursdays

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