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Tuesday Hatred needs to Lighten Up, Already

I could be hating the fact that I woke up with breaking news that many public institutions finally listened to The Markets. But instead I will keep it light and just hate that after drinking my evening coffee I spent the best part of a minute looking to what was left in my coffee cup without getting any the wiser on whether The Wife would want to stay in or go out. I hate that just asking her what she wants somehow breaks any potential magic of an evening without The Kids.

I could also be hating that most of the news in West Europe about the disaster in East Africa is about how little the citizens of one nation or donating to charity with respect to how much citizens of another nation are donating. But instead I’ll just keep it light and hate that grass grows everywhere in my garden except where you tend to walk and hence need it most.

I could finally be hating that many think-tank-y people (and with people I mean white men in suits) are complaining about rating agencies not being accountable to anybody. But instead I’ll keep it light and hate that it’s a difficult choice between losing a substantial amount of time pumping up my bicycle tires once and losing a little time in riding with semi-flat tires for yet another couple of days (or weeks, …).

What I do hate is that with all these think-tanks listening to The Markets nobody is hearing the obvious & convenient truth which is that, as long as rich people have enough money to spend on their charity foundations or election campaigns or benignly inspired trust funds, RICH PEOPLE ARE NOT (remotely) TAXED ENOUGH.


August 9, 2011 - Posted by | Solidarity, Tuesday Hatred


  1. I hate that my hair insists on growing constantly. Can’t I just get a haircut and be done with it? I have a similar complaint about my fingernails.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | August 9, 2011

  2. I hate that I have the same complaint as Adam except about grass. If anybody is working on a genetically altered plant that is green, prevents erosion and stops growing at 3 or 4 inches tall, I will pay a lot of of money to plant said miracle grass in my yard.

    I hate the last couple days at work before going on vacation. Of course, I’m sure others hate me for complaining about preparing to go on vacation.

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | August 9, 2011

  3. i hate it takes so little for people to become animals without any restraint, i’m about the police killing and london riots, humankind is just so hopelessly disgusting if this all could happen in one of the most supposedly developed and enlightened country in the world, arab revolutions in comparison were benign maybe if to take into account their ideology etc
    and what is interesting, there really like fight for democracy is going on maybe and in the developed world it is fight for property it seems

    Comment by read | August 9, 2011

  4. but a good thing yet, not many are killed, at least the news don’t say, so that’s the main difference maybe, respect for human life after all, hopefully

    Comment by read | August 9, 2011

  5. countries

    Comment by read | August 9, 2011

  6. I hate my summer cold. Whatever happened to 24- or 48-hour bugs? Everytime I get sick, which is coming on three or four times a year, it’s 48 hours of staying in bed followed by two weeks of just being tired and unable to drink properly.

    Comment by Josh K-sky | August 9, 2011

  7. people here have robust immunities, i forgot when i had a proper fever last time and it’s not i’m especially healthy just have weak immune response so will have cancer maybe, you can take some selenium, it helps to shorten any viral infections
    i hate to wait for this week to be over, too busy and long before going home

    Comment by read | August 9, 2011

  8. I hate that my computer is broken.

    Comment by ben | August 9, 2011

  9. We all knew that the cancer diagnosis was coming.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | August 10, 2011

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