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Tuesday Hatred is a Trojan Horse

I hate what happens to Ari in Entourage year 7. I love Ari. I don’t particularly care for Vince, his brother, his side-kick, the cameo’s, the porn star and the new side kick. I kind of cared for Turtle once  until they have proven Craig right: delete the ‘tle’ and replace with a ‘d’. He didn’t convince The Wife anyway and I will never forgive him.

But I do love Ari. When he was happy I was happy. Now he’s down, I’m down as well. It is so unfair. I suspect he will come out having learned something from going through that ordeal. Redeemed, and all that good old American stuff. As I only read one spoiler column and I know the author of that spoiler column hates Entourage, I won’t know for a long time. That’s fine because during that time I can make up all kinds of story lines. Ari running for president on the slogan: “Yes, we fuck!” Endless possibilities for infinite joy. Hell, I’ll even work in the side kicks, Vince doing Amy Winehouse karaoke and a bunch of well known people I don’t actually know.

I love many things about Ari. First and foremost I love that I share the love for Ari with The Eldest Kid.  We also like Lloyd by the way (now I’m being honest I may as well go all the way). Secondly …. hmmm, no, that’s all I got. It’s just television after all.

Maybe somebody on FaceBook could start a group called ‘Free Ari!’ and get some good old internet activism going to get rid of all of the Entourage.

Probably somebody already did.

I hate not being original.

Except only: I don’t.


August 23, 2011 - Posted by | television, Tuesday Hatred


  1. I haven’t really watched the show–just the reruns that play after “Friends” late at night. Of the core characters, I like Ari and Drama. Vince on occasion. But the manager and Turtle, I don’t like them.

    Comment by Craig McFarlane | August 23, 2011

  2. I hate it when images aren’t properly resized for posting on this blog.

    Comment by ben | August 23, 2011

  3. On my screens it looks like a 100% pre-shrunk image.

    Comment by Guido Nius | August 24, 2011

  4. Looks normal on mine to. I never know what Adam and Ben are complaining about.

    Comment by Craig McFarlane | August 24, 2011

  5. yes, images aren’t properly resized for posting on this blog.
    The main blog space (column) is about 500 pixels wide, and – for example – the picture beastwizard.jpg is 640 pixels wide (and 360 pixelx high), and that makes it look extended ‘over the edge’ of the main column.

    When you post pics (Craig, mainly), you should specify the dimensions, namely so that the width does not exceed 450 pixels. Less is more.

    Comment by visitor | August 24, 2011

  6. As my browser window is not maximized, and the image maintains its absolute size regardless of the size of the window that contains it, the image obscures the right-hand column.

    Comment by ben | August 24, 2011

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