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Spoiler Alert Thursday

Thursday was spent dealing with police, insurance brokers, insurance company person (unidentified), multiple mechanics, a car rental agency woman who thought she was in high finance (and not working at Discount Car & Truck Rentals), and, finally, the insurance adjuster who missed the “four hour follow-up guarantee” by about four hours. The rental company gave me a Chevrolet Malibu. I can see why these American car companies went out of business. What a complete displeasure to drive. Needless to say, I didn’t get a chance to post this on Thursday, but I have kindly back-dated the post.

The worst series we’ve ever watched from start to finish–“Combat Hospital”–finally ended. Admittedly, we thought it had ended the previous week, but then we remembered we saw a preview for it following the previous week’s episodes. Accordingly, we watched this steaming pile of shit. Americans are lucky: it most certainly will not return to your airwaves. Canadians likely aren’t so lucky: shows that no one watches (or which no one should watch) stay on the air forever here.

We began and finished “Call Me Fitz” this past week, which stars Brandon Walsh as a depraved sex-and-drug addicted used car salesman (who cheated to get his licence in the first place). The idea seems to be that Brandon Walsh is this way because at some point in his childhood, he lost his conscience. Fortunately, following a particularly depraved attempt to sell a car for far more than it was worth leading to a horrible crash his conscience reappears embodied in the form of a new salesman named Larry, who has no last name, no history, and so on, but knows everything that Brandon Walsh did or thought prior to the accident. Determining who Larry is, where he came from, if he’s really Brandon Walsh’s conscience, and trying to make the seemingly unimprovable Brandon Walsh into a better person is the focus of the remainder of the season. Given that it is only a six hour investment (thirteen 22 minute episodes), it is worth your time. The second season begins soon.

Finally, Eric killed that really annoying male witch in the most recent episode of “True Blood.” Jesus did some crazy blood-magics and turned into his blue-and-white demon form. And Lafayette became–predictably–possessed by Marnie’s spirit. The preview for this episode promises lots of dead people. Let’s hope so: clean out the cast a bit. Unfortunately, this will likely mean that a few by-standers and Debbie Pelt will die. I thought I had read that Russell Edgington would reappear this season. If he does, it will be this weekend to die when Marnie manages to cast an especially powerful spell drawing upon Lafayette’s natural magical ability. That, of course, would suck. Oh, and a fairy seduced Andy in the woods and, I would guess, impregnated herself. Wonderful. What’s worse than a Stackhouse-quarter-fairy? A Bellefleur-half-fairy. That’s what. And Eric was really mean to Pam because the love for an annoying demi-fairy always wins out over your love for your progeny. I hope Pam kills Sookie. Maybe Pam and Debbie could become best friends and the final season will have Pam and Debbie killing Eric, Bill and Alcide.

I was excited in my morning class on Friday when a girl asked if she could do her final project on “Game of Thrones.” I said–or at least I think I said–“obviously.” In my Friday evening class, someone asked how long it would go. They meant that particular class, but I interpreted it as being about the average end-time for each class this semester. I said–more or less– that I have three shows on Friday nights: “Fringe,” “Supernatural” and “Grimm.” So, we’re leaving in time to get me home to watch those. A couple female students seemed excited at the prospect of talking about Sam and Dean and Castiel in class. And no males seemed to know who Sam, Dean and Castiel were.


September 8, 2011 - Posted by | Spoiler Alert Thursdays

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