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Tuesday Hatred of alpha and omega

I am a member of a species (or sub-species, who knows about such things?) that ruthlessly eliminated all other (sub-)species similar to it. Let’s look at that from our prehistoric predecessors point of view: if it walks and looks like a human being but  is, in some arbitrary way, different, then: “Die, motherf***er, die!”. Maybe after some evolution this subroutine was changed to: “Hello stranger, can you show me your cave?” after which they switched to “Now you can all die together, little pricks, die!”. I guess there will have been countless of small, little advances over the aeons, but for us as a species not to have any real next of kin the common denominator has to have been genocide and ethnic cleansing.

That is a somewhat depressing thought. I don’t know whether it is true. The real hatred in all of this is that something that I know to be true is even more depressing.

Let’s look at it from the point of view of some of the offspring of our predecessors. We can focus on those who believe that there was a point alpha in which our predecessors were created as lords of this world without any need for ruthlessness or any of that shit. Their view is that if you walk and look like a human being but are, in some god given way, different then: “You can just rot before you go to hell.” They don’t even bother to kill you in order to eliminate you as they know they can rely on the dynamic mechanisms of the market to single out the weak. After that they solve the job by ignoring you. After all they cannot halt our evolution to the point omega, now can they? And anyway, they can claim plausible deniability.  It is not like they harmed us. If push comes to shove, we were nothing more than a bunch of infidels to start with. Probably just another test thrown at them at the point of creation to make the path more difficult and the attainment of the goal so much more worthwhile.

The depressing part of that thought is that it is a fact. Not only do these people exist but they dominate public discourse. I blame it on the concept of the silent majority.

I hate silent majorities. I have nothing against silence but I hate that the absence of speaking up is counted toward having an opinion either way.

I hate exclusion and I hate these awkward moments where you feel like the other one thinks that, yeah, you walk and you look like a human being but you are also, in some unspeakable way, different. There you are then. Silence. Off they are and you are alone. What would they be thinking? Or saying about you?

I hate that I missed my Sunday Stories.


September 13, 2011 - Posted by | Awkwardness (the book), Tuesday Hatred


  1. I hate riding in taxi cabs. This past weekend in downtown Chicago I took a cab from Union Station to the Field Museum. I know that many probably have the same experience, but seriously-Why does one have to drive in a manner that suggests the four horsemen of the apocalypse are in chase after them? And I hate the fact that despite my severe nervousness during ‘the flight’, I felt it too rude to ask the driver to ease off the gas pedal some. Why?

    Comment by William | September 13, 2011

  2. Because he was one of the horsemen?

    Comment by Guido Nius | September 14, 2011

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