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Monday Movies Said the Hospital, Not the Morgue

Take Presumed Innocent, add a dollop of Jackie Brown, and voila: The Lincoln Lawyer, an entertainment as well-sculpted as Matthew McConaughey’s torso, i.e. not entirely plausible but way too compelling to elicit much protest. McConaughey plays Mick Haller, a rule-bending criminal defense attorney whose wealthy playboy client is more than he appears to be. It’s super fun to write a sentence like the preceding; you should try it some time.

As suggested, the flavor is somewhere between Scott Turow and Elmore Leonard. Haller is a creation of L.A. crime fiction writer Michael Connelly, whose other mainstay character Harry (short for Hieronymous) Bosch is a private detective, but the Bosch mystery I’ve read doesn’t suggest quite as strongly the sun-bleached, rough-and-tumble Century Freeway L.A. at which The Lincoln Lawyer gestures; more familiar from his work are the northeastern hills that wind up as the setting for most of the film’s action that falls outside of the downtown L.A. courtrooms. A TV pilot is in the works; I hope they wind up pushing that element of it, which was tantalizing in the movie, but faded away after the thriller got into gear.

How about you? Take on any shady clients, by which I mean see any movies?


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  1. We watched the recent adaptation of Jane Eyre, which was comprehensively horrible. The characters had no personality whatsoever, there were abrupt transitions that made no sense, there was an unnecessary framing device…. But now I know the Big Reveal and don’t need to read the book, so that’s nice.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | September 19, 2011

  2. I watched Gran Torino, which seemed like it could have been good if the writing hadn’t been a little tone deaf. As written, though, the missed tones were too distracting. The characters were two-dimensional and the dialog was ridiculous at many points.

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | September 19, 2011

  3. i didn’t watch anything last week, wanted to watch _Citizen Kane_ yesterday on TV and failed again, too short attention span
    the latest _Jane Eyre_i watched on the plane some fragments of which seemed has too many kissing scenes, though i liked the scenery where when she runs away sleeps in the nature, and the worst one from what i’ve watched so far, i liked best the one with the French actress, though now i read its wiki description to refresh the memory and find that Rochester recovers his eyesight in the end, never knew, from the book too, i mean how it was even possible then
    i forgot to mention _Thor_ in what i watched during my 24 hrs flight, Natalie Portman looks the same in her every movie

    Comment by read | September 19, 2011

  4. Clint Eastwood has developed a habit of shooting scripts he likes without any changes whatsoever. Screenwriters feel honored by this, since directors often exert radical changes as they make a script their own, but there’s a flipside, apparently.

    Comment by Josh K-sky | September 19, 2011

  5. I watched the first half of Tom Jones last Tuesday. The second half is scheduled for tomorrow. I’ve seen it before, of course, and highly encourage anyone who hasn’t seen it before to see it posthaste, as it is fantastic. Also read the book, pls.

    Comment by ben | September 19, 2011

  6. In the last 2 weeks I actually saw 2 movies (that is infinitely more than in the preceding 4 weeks): Paul, the alien, and Viva Riva. The former I saw together with The Family and it was good, as a family movie. The latter I saw together with The Wife and, because I read this non-rave on-line review, I asked her halfway whether she wanted to walk out. She didn’t. It wasn’t excellent but as gangster B-movies go it was more than all right. I suppose Africans are as allowed as Americans are to make such kind of movies.

    I liked Gran Torino. I can see why characters are seen as two-dimensional but all in all that is still one dimension more than a lot of real life people most of the time. I would hope we all get to such a state as Clint has, fuck good advise.

    Comment by Guido Nius | September 19, 2011

  7. 9/14/11 – Bluestockings – Harata 2005 7/10
    Taisho era feminism among the rich and educated
    9/15/11 – A Wife Confesses – Masumura 1961 8/10
    femme fatale or victim of the Patriarchy? Wakao Ayako is one of the great actresses
    9/16/11 – Terminator 2 2/10 how this guy got a budget is beyond me
    9/17/11 – Chihwaseon – Im Kwon-taek 2002 Korean 9/10
    Jackson Pollock has many incarnations, but the mix with 19th K politics was good;actor from Oldboy
    9/18/11 – Klimt – Raoul Ruiz 2006
    Art, and the world, can only be apprehended if it isn’t comprehended. I like things I don’t understand, as long as they’re pretty
    9/18/11 – Pepe le Moko – Duvivier 1937 9/10
    The producer of Algiers tried to burn every copy of this; lead actress is no Hedy Lamarr, but Jean Gabin and the memory of Paris is more important in this version anyway. I don’t know why I can’t give this a perfect 10.
    Watched it twice in one night

    Comment by bob mcmanus | September 19, 2011

  8. BBC Bleak House – oh those Brits can act and surprise Gillian Anderson as a Brit nobleperson pulled it off; nice Dickensian fun

    Character (Dutch Karatur) phenominal; went online to read reviews and was nonplussed as I have been so often by how tone deaf critcs can be. A ten- this one’s for you Bob.

    Comment by grackle | September 19, 2011

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