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Friday Afternoon Confessional: An apple a day

I confess that this morning I broke a ten-year streak without a proper doctor. (In that time, I got free adjustments when I worked at the chiropractor’s office, visited one urgent-care clinic for a hair follicle infection, and visited a Walgreen clinic for a bad throat issue — none of those count as “proper” in my mind.) He took my vital signs, drew some blood for routine tests, and gave me a prescription for my allergy problems. He did not, as I feared, diagnose me with a rare combination of cancer and AIDS. Apparently walking everywhere has been good for my health, so I’m hoping for the best on the cholesterol test, despite making no particular effort to avoid unhealthy food — have I mentioned that the staff at Kuma’s recognizes us and knows our names?

I confess that my doctor’s office is in the North and Clybourn shopping area, so I took the opportunity to pick up a couple things. I confess that one of the great joys of my life right now is experimenting with my wardrobe and trying to figure out how best to fill in its gaps. For instance, I’m well-equipped with the gray and black end of the scale in what I call Actual Adult Clothing, but my browns and blues are a bit thin. In particular, I’d like to find a jacket more toward the brown end of the spectrum. I’m even considering some sweater vests for the full-blown Oxford look.

I confess that part of my goal in filling out the brown and blue parts of my wardrobe is being able to justify the purchase of some brown dress shoes, with which I’ve become mildly obsessed due in part to living around the corner from a shoe store.

I confess that I find WordPress’s habit of randomly redesigning their interface disconcerting.


September 23, 2011 - Posted by | Friday Afternoon Confessional


  1. aids and cancer are not a rare combination cz if immunodeficient one is more susceptible to cancer, sure AK has just seasonal allergies, i’ve learned the other month about a supplement product called transfer factor plus promising wonders for allergy and other immunocompromised patients, curious whether it works for real or not
    i confess i’ll be in chicago sometime in october but no worries i’m not going to stalk AK

    Comment by read | September 23, 2011

  2. i confess that i haven’t been to a doctor since 1999, and a dentist since 1995.

    Comment by Toby | September 24, 2011

  3. I confess that walking home during a cold night whilst covered in sweat was not a good idea. It feels like dying. Let’s hope that it is just that.

    Comment by Guido Nius | September 24, 2011

  4. i confess i was pretty disconcerted reading that about only 8% of the stuff people put on fb is read by others, no wonder i never get much feedback under my posts about our culture and music, but when i think about my own browsing practice that seems like about right, if i miss so much from the three dozen my fbfs, for the people having hundreds and thousands of them it must be like just physically impossible to read all the feed all the time

    Comment by read | September 26, 2011

  5. Heard that, Toby.

    Comment by Craig McFarlane | September 26, 2011

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