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Tuesday Hates Red

I am only half a man and the half a man I am is weak and old. It needs to take a piss every 5 minutes and cannot go to sleep without a pill. But even being only half a man, I hate being (even if only in part) a real man. I know, I can’t help it. Still, blame is not the point here; behavior is, or rather: non-behavior is.

Being a woman (real, in part, whatever) is probably not without its challenges. Maybe I would hate being a woman as well, & maybe not even only because being a woman implies being treated and mistreated by men. Nevertheless I can only talk hate as to being a man as that is what I happen to be in a half-hearted and weak way.

Why do I hate it?

For all of the reasons you hate men.

Most of all because men tend to speak as if they are obviouslyright. Up to and including when they try to be self-critical. I hate that the below rather accurately depicts me pointing out to myself what is most annoying about me:

Explanation: I'm watching myself in a mirror to the left of me.


October 4, 2011 - Posted by | housekeeping, Tuesday Hatred


  1. i read this yesterday and thought why, tuesday,2426/
    if to change everything to a woman would sound also very organic, especially the toothpaste part for me
    just what i don’t like in english is this every time pointing out the gender of a subject, who is doing what, a man or a woman, maybe in some time people start writing area human instead of that, however awkward it sounds now
    cz there are precedents too, in my language a word for human is hun (khun, if you like), then comes the adjectives male eregtei /female emegtei hun, which are usually omitted, the same in japanese just hito, than, if needed, otoko no hito, onna no hito for example, so to eliminate that man/woman distinction in language seems like doable

    Comment by read | October 4, 2011

  2. I was at the Tigers’ game last night, where they put down the Yankees to put themselves one win from playing for the American League Championship. It was glorious and as a result, hate cannot penetrate my heart on this day.

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | October 4, 2011

  3. i hate i will never learn then/than distinction it seems, the intuitive automatic selection part of it

    Comment by read | October 4, 2011

  4. You know what I hate? I hate WebCT. What a useless turd. Scratch that: at least you can flush a turd.

    Comment by Craig McFarlane | October 4, 2011

  5. @Guido Nius
    it’s quite an usual practice that you don’t always “say what you mean”. Very often you have to hide your true intentions – this is why language has evolved (so we were told in a Cours de rhétorique )

    Comment by grrl | October 5, 2011

  6. Well, if we don’t find anything to hate on the hateday (Tuesday,) can we tell instead what we “don’t hate”?
    For instance, I don’t hate WebCT. WebCT is a wonderful tool that allows you to successfully avoid a face à face in a course where an arrogant and aggressive teacher uses his teaching hours to show you what an expert he/she is, etc.

    Comment by grrl | October 5, 2011

  7. What is WebCT?

    Comment by Guido Nius | October 5, 2011

  8. You don’t want to know: think of the worst of the internet circa 1998 and now market that as a “product” for universities to “manage courses online.”

    Comment by Craig McFarlane | October 5, 2011

  9. From that description it has to be an LMS. If so I have to correct you: you can flush an LMS but if you do it there will come another one just like it.

    Comment by Guido Nius | October 5, 2011

  10. A ‘turd that won’t flush’! Oh, I can’t wait to call somebody that…it will probably be a politician.

    Comment by William | October 5, 2011

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