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Spoiler Alert Thursday

Many shows are on break for one of two reasons (or both): (1) that baseball game thing; (2) the fact that there are thirteen more broadcast weeks in a season than there are episodes. Expect a lot of repeats on CW given that they have no mid-season replacements. It would be an ideal time to catch up on “Supernatural,” if you haven’t already done so. Consequently, there is less than usual to report this week–starting from last Friday, where we left off.

“Supernatural” A great episode–and rather unexpected. Cordelia and Spike, from “Buffy,” are a witch-couple who have split on account of Spike’s Kanye West ways. Cordelia begins killing Spike’s business associates; Spike begins killing Cordelia’s business associates. Sam and Dean fucked up the spell that would neutralize their powers and have to talk their way out of the situation by convincing them that they were killing for each other, which proves how much they must love one another. Later, the Leviathan who has been stalking Sam and Dean busts into their motel room and starts kicking their asses. Spike arrives, mindlessly casts a spell thereby disabling the Leviathan, and retrieves an enchanted coin from under their bed (which would focus magical death energy on them). Anyway, Sam and Dean have captured a Leviathan alive and now they know Leviathans can be harmed by magic, if not by weapons. I hope Spike and Cordelia (who I hated in both “Buffy” and “Angel”) return later in the season.

“The Walking Dead” A rather brave episode: almost “Lord of the Rings”-ian in scope. It was mostly walking in the woods. Even though the “I’m not a doctor; I’m a veterinarian” reveal was seen from a mile away, it was still hilarious when he said it. Is it too much to ask that the kid die while the fat guy and the other cop play zombie-and-sneak in a high school trying to get a respirator? I did not like the hillbilly last season; this season he is, by far, the best character. And is Shortround still in the show?

“Dexter” Up until the discovery of the first victim (the one with the snakes), I did not like Quinn. But, now that he’s partnered with Angel, I like him. They have a good rapport, especially when they find the doobie in Angel’s mid-life crisis car. It remains unclear if the Deputy Chief is playing Deb or not: Deb’s failures being Maria’s failures and so on. Mos Def remains surprisingly good as the redeemed killer turned pastor/mechanic. I look forward to Dexter’s baptism.

“Call Me Fitz” Mostly included this one because of the above image. Not like anyone watches a depraved Brandon Walsh sell used cars and seduce women to a soundtrack of terrible lounge songs. Again, I ask, why must a clearly made-in-Canada show primarily to be watched by Canadians obviously rewrite small-town Nova Scotia as a nondescript American town? Isn’t it all the more hilarious if Fitz is selling cars to funny-talking Canadians and having his pick of a few dozen eligible women in a town of 4300 than if he is in some shitty mid-sized, mid-western city? It’d be a lot funnier–to me, at least–if a night on the town meant driving to Kentville (pop. roughly 5400)?

“Bored to Death” The girl who worked at the pet store whom Bret bought a lot of fish from in “Flight of the Conchords” has a real annoying voice. I was disappointed than when Ray stumbled upon the breast feeders support group that he didn’t pull out his own man-tit and have the kid suck on it. Given that he’s already had the kid suck on his nipple, why not actually do it? PC was pretty funny. The PC/Max Fischer relationship is likely the funniest in the series.

“Hart of Dixie” See the Kanye lyric above. Looking for things to say about the show this week, I was surprised to discover that the bartender/alligator wrangler living on the mayor’s plantation is the same person who played Cpl. Evan “Q-Tp” (note: not to be confused with the other Q-Tip) Stafford in “Generation Kill”–the guy who spends the whole invasion saying “screwby,” the etymology and meaning of which is not entirely clear, even to the good corporal.

“Once Upon a Time” Again, Kanye West says it all: “this is bad, real bad.” If you thought that Jennifer Morrison was really, really bad and irritating in “House,” then you need to see this. A whole new level of “what the fuck is she doing pursuing a career as an actress?” Convoluted and incoherent backstory? Check. Annoying kid with annoying voice who is her long lost son? Check. Suspending disbelief such that we can believe that an 82 pound 32 year old old is deemed to be “hot”? Check. A surrounding cast of equally unbelievable characters? Check. With equally unbelievable backstories? Check. This show, I guarantee you, will be a success. It’ll be on for years because people love to watch absolute garbage on TV (c.f., “Unforgettable”).

“NCIS” Is there anything worse than a Ducky-centric episode? I even twatted that NCIS had become stupider than “Ringer” when it turned out that Ducky’s girlfriend was the killer–and she did it for him! Ordinarily, I’d consider the “I killed them all for you!” line to be either romantic or noble (depending upon genre), but this was just dumb. The good news: Gibbs’s first wife–later married to Fornell–will be at the centre of the next episode. Gibbs/Fornell episodes are always, by far, the best. (Gibbs/Franks episodes are only marginally better than Ducky episodes.)

“Unforgettable” I’d say, “Can this get any stupider?” But I’d be repeating myself. For whatever reason, once she used her native Australian accent to play a character to get into a club, all I heard for the rest of the episode was a thinly masked Australian accent. It was really distracting. Poppy Montgomery needs to hang out with Ryan Kwanten to see how it is done for real.

All images shamelessly borrowed from Wish I could take credit for discovering this site, but it belongs to Blythe. The “Cute Pets of OWS” tumblr is so passé.


October 27, 2011 - Posted by | Spoiler Alert Thursdays


  1. Homeland: This is one of the few times that I can fairly call a revealing scene painfully gratuitous, but Baccarin flashing in her undies had absolutely no point at all. I was embarrassed, not for her, but for Showtime.

    Baccarin:”Put away the gun, Brody”
    Lewis:”Why, what do you think I’ll do?”

    I don’t know if it is Damien Lewis, the writers, or a combination, but Brody as written feels fucking whip smart to me, a step ahead and a level beyond any of the other characters. A pleasurable character to watch, I have not noticed a single flaw. The black deputy director feels pretty sharp, but the conversations between Danes and Patinkin are just painful.

    Comment by bob mcmanus | October 27, 2011

  2. She didn’t even show her undies when she was a space prostitute!

    Somehow I forgot to mention “The Secret Circle.” As with every week, it was great. No idea which Kanye lyric would go with it, though.

    Comment by Craig McFarlane | October 30, 2011

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