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Tuesday Hopred: work week wise the number is 4

I have been working more and more with people whose week-end starts on Friday. They hate that the rest of the world kind of assumes that Friday is a working day. In the spirit of true multi-culturalism I have a simple proposal to make: we all add Friday and Sunday to our respective week-ends.

As simple as that.

Knowing that a great many will say this is unrealistic and will be punished by The Markets, I propose to start not having any meetings on from Friday to Sunday (both days included). People can then have a quiet day with their mails or find the inspiration that allows finding the >20% productivity gains that ultimately will more than offset the lower work volume.

Feel free to start a FaceBook group on this idea.


November 1, 2011 - Posted by | economics, Tuesday Hatred


  1. I hate how hard it is to open plastic packaging. CDs in particular drive me insane. I always end up with tiny shreds of plastic film clinging to my fingers and scattered all over the floor before I get the plastic envelope off, and then I still need to get the plastic “pull” tab open. Is there some kind of obvious trick to the pull tab that I’m missing? I can’t even pull it; it’s adhered to the jewel box. And then when I finally get a grip on it it tears right off of the rest of the plastic it’s supposed to be pulling. My struggles with CD packages have been so monumental that they have actually deterred me from buying CDs.

    Also, hard clamshell packaging; that shit is impossible, and has blunted several pairs of my scissors.

    Comment by jms | November 1, 2011

  2. I’ll get to my hate, but first, when I worked at Barnes & Noble, they sold CD openers for $1. It kind of looked like a letter opener and you just zipped it around the edges of the CD and pulled off all the plastic and stickers.

    The CD related hate actually plays quite well into my own hate. I hate that people act like I’m some sort of dinosaur for still purchasing CDs. The reason I prefer to buy CDs still is because when I rip one onto my iPhone, I can’t figure out how to pull the album back together again. If a CD has the artist listed as the same for the whole CD, you’re fine with Apple’s “Album” categorization. But a lot of my CDs have different artists for every song. As far as I can tell, there’s no way to re-assemble this type of album on the iPhone. If I didn’t have the CD, there’d be no way to listen to the full work in its intended order without making a Playlist of just that CD. Of course, I could just be ignorant of a simple way to do this.

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | November 1, 2011

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