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Spoiler Alert Thursday

“Supernatural” Overall, a fairly good episode. Sam and Dean managed to be convincing as their own dopplegangers. A couple outstanding scenes. First, Sam and Dean driving in a car other than their own listening to Air Supply, especially Dean’s singing along to the song. Second, Crowley attempting to join forces with the leader of the Leviathans–who appears to have adopted the guise of one of the 1% (“Next time call me with a win.”)–and having his gesture–a basket full of muffins made out of baby organs–rebuked. This would seem to mean that Crowley will be rolling with Sam and Dean, which can only be a good thing. Finally, we inadvertently learn that Leviathans are susceptible to severe injury from Borax when Sheriff Jody, while cleaning Bobby’s cabin in the woods, accidentally spills some cleaning supplies on the Leviathan. Some people have suggested that Jody is actually a Leviathan herself (recall: a few episodes ago Leviathans did try to eat her) because she was wearing gloves while cleaning and no one is nice to Bobby–even desperate cops looking to get laid–but this seems dubious. Sometimes lady-cops just want a piece of Bobby Singer.

“Grimm” I was disappointed that Sasha Roiz didn’t appear until about the twelve-minute mark. To be quite honest, we are only watching this show because it has Uncle Sam Adama from “Caprica” in it. Sure, it has Haywire from “Prison Break” as well, but that isn’t enough to get me to watch this show. Overall, it was a bit weird–such as the scene were the aunt or stepmom was explaining to the ugly guy who is the main character that he is a Slayer/Grimm and that it is his job to slay vampires/kill monsters when, suddenly, a monster armed with a scythe jumps out of the bushes and attacks the aunt/stepmom and aunt/stepmom, who previously needed a cane to walk, is suddenly fighting like Buffy circa season six. The scenery is quite nice. Are there any universities in Portland, OR? Between this show, “Twilight,” and “The Secret Circle” (which is set there, as I understand it, but not filmed there), it seems like an attractive place to live. Plus, I understand that there is vegan food all over the place.

“Fringe” was pre-empted by a sporting contest of some sort.

“Once Upon a Time” We only watched the first half of this show because Sunday is suddenly super-filled and we live in an area with really, really backward cable such that you can only watch what is presently on. Fortunately, we made it to the hilarious fight scene between Pam the Vampire and the Evil Queen. Pam lost the fight when the Evil Queen turned her spells against Pam’s Shetland Unicorn. Pam–loving both unicorns and pumps–protected the unicorn, but lost the fight. It’s as though the producers said, “I don’t care how we do it, we want Pam the Vampire in this mother.” And, so, they offered her an awesome castle and a terrible wardrobe. And she countered with, “Give me a unicorn, too.” And they said, “Okay, but it has to be a miniature unicorn.” “Deal.” If only the show were about Pam the Vampire and her unicorns!

“Dexter” Mos got shot! He was a great character. He better not die. I’d be a great vengeance mission for Dexter, either way. So, theologians reading this: do you have any creepy-ass notebooks like Admiral Adama’s that you left in the apartment of your TA/RA/girlfriend?

“The Walking Dead” Wasn’t expecting Shane to shoot the fat guy (Otis?). Just remember when shooting someone to leave them as zombie-bait: make sure you are carrying the stuff you need, because no one pulls hair like a shot fat guy about to be eaten by zombies. Wonder when he’ll be back? One of the recaps I read for the episode suggested that Dr. Tancredi is the most-loathed character on the show. For real? How about that really annoying woman who is always wanting to kill herself and/or throw a temper tantrum because the creepy old guy took her gun? All things considered, Tancredi’s position is one worth considering and one which the post-apocalyptic genre rarely takes seriously: given the likelihood that you’ll end up turned and given that everyone agrees that being turned is worse than dying, why would you want to live? Rick’s optimism is getting pretty grating. Just smash the shit out of a zombie with a spatula, or something, already. At least Shortround made an appearance this week, so I guess he’s still in the show. I look forward to next week’s episode when Shortround is lowered into a well and there is a really gross looking zombie down there. Oh, and that “after-show,” the “Talking Dead,” does anyone actually watch that? We saw a few minutes and the host’s “Chris’s Apple” is scarier than the zombies.

“NCIS” Fornell and Gibbs episode–and the ex-wife they shared in common. The overall story wasn’t great, but there were some good Jethro & Tobias scenes. Looks like we haven’t left that conspiracy from the first episode behind yet.

“Bored to Death” Ray just seemed to be really, really sad and his girlfriend somehow even worse. But I did like his defense for not buying the organic chicken and pretending it was by putting a sticker from an apple on it.

“House” In a fit of laziness, we didn’t change the channel and suffered through “House.” The first ten minutes were even on mute. Then we decided we were committed and turned the sound on. There’s an hour of my life that I will never, ever get back. We both thought that the doctor next to House’s office who was putting on and taking off casts would have been better had he been Helo. Seriously: Helo must have the absolute worst agent in the history of television.

“Ringer” I look forward to the future episode when Buffy pops out a half-black baby when everyone is expecting a white baby. Classic joke. Fortunately, “Hart of Dixie” wasn’t on this week.

“Law & Order: SVU” Wow. Did that ever suck. The musical interludes–being raped makes her a better artist!–were absolutely intolerable and made me want to kill my TV.


November 3, 2011 - Posted by | Spoiler Alert Thursdays


  1. I have yet to watch this week’s NCIS, but I’m glad to see a reference to the conspiracy. My wife and I were starting to wonder if we had imagined or misunderstood something. Wasn’t there a photo that showed the kid from Party of Five and the Secretary on the same sub or on the same team or something?

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | November 3, 2011

  2. I would have caught up on the Vampire Diaries, but my partner’s internet connection isn’t strong enough to withstand streaming video (or just isn’t strong enough to withstand the Vampire Diaries). I recently watched Downtown Abbey, one of the BBC’s many history drama series, set in the ‘aftermath’ of WWI, starting what I imagine is only the beginning of a long line of WWI/II nostalgia shows running up toward Christmas. A legitimate line from Downtown Abbey:

    ‘The first feeling after a war is relief, the second, disappointment’
    ‘So true, so sad.’
    ‘Let’s go inside for tea.’

    Comment by Jaimie Johansson (@plsbequietpls) | November 3, 2011

  3. The terrorist plot of the week would seem to be connected–it targeted high-level military officials at a football game.

    Comment by Craig McFarlane | November 3, 2011

  4. Wasn’t that the plot of the first Naked Gun movie?

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | November 3, 2011

  5. Something like that, but it didn’t have Tobias & Jethro.

    Comment by Craig McFarlane | November 3, 2011

  6. We started watching Prime Suspect on Hulu and are really enjoying it. Much better than the original, I think.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | November 6, 2011

  7. You did not miss much in the second half of Once Upon a Time. Well, you missed exactly half a TV show. No good bits, though. What a dreadful undertaking that turned out to be. I enjoyed reading the pilot script, which makes me think that a) a good deal of the fault may lie in the actors and b) a Fables wouldn’t therefore necessarily be much better. (A good other deal of the fault definitely lies in the Wicked Queen’s dialogue, which is written in partial high-fantasy/dudgeon and in low-but-uninteresting everyday language.

    Comment by Josh K-sky | November 8, 2011

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