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Spoiler Alert Thursday

Evidently I forgot that it was Thursday and, consequently, I did not prepare a post. The good news is that I can make fun of the dialogue from tonight’s “The Secret Circle,” which turns out to be the mid-season finale. (TV is about to get desperate.) Towards the very end of the episode, Jake, who is tormented between his desire for revenge against witches in general because his parents died in that mysterious accident years ago and his equally stronge desire to bone Cassie (as Michael Bluth might say: “Her? Really?”), ended this half season with a great line: “The Circle doesn’t have to be destructed.” Destructed! Is that a technical term or evidence of the achievements of the local high school?

Speaking of CW and high schools: perhaps it is because I, myself, teach and perhaps because some of my students are likely seventeen, but Juliet’s stalking of her English teacher is just creepy. I’m referring to “Ringer,” of course. What a terrible show.

Fortunately, not everything on CW sucks–we completely skipped “Hart of Dixie” this week and I’m hoping we don’t watch next week’s episode. “Supernatural” continues to be good. I think this week’s episode with guest star DJ Qualls should be good. He’s teaming up with Dean and, apparently, Sam is under some sort of curse and is planning on getting married to a lady who looks like the monster from “The Grudge,” but a bit cleaner.

Mos Def died! Why do all of Dexter’s friends have to die or be crazy? I know Adam doesn’t care for anyone but Dexter in this show, but I really like Angel and Quinn as partners.


November 10, 2011 - Posted by | Spoiler Alert Thursdays


  1. Dexter has a new voice in his head now?!

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | November 11, 2011

  2. The idea could be interesting, unless it leads to a committee meeting in Dexter’s mind between himself, Harry, and the Ice Truck Killer (whose real name escapes me). Wonder if Mos will get to sit in his head too? Anytime the conditions for schizophrenia are introduced into a main character, you have to start worrying. But, who wouldn’t want Mos Def in their head, giving advice? Might pass on the Ice Truck Killer, though. Description for tonight calls for a road trip to Nebraska with “a fellow Dark Passenger.”

    I see that read’s exile last about three and a half weeks. We should have had a pool.

    Comment by Craig McFarlane | November 13, 2011

  3. what exile? i can have my own reasons to not go online as much as always such as having my sister visiting me, though when everybody were like shooing away the grrl i confess i lost interest to communicate here for awhile too
    the same thing happened over LH long ago, there was a female commenter N whom everybody disliked there though for me she sounded not trollish at all, just she happened to hold a bit different opinions than others, so she got banned there and i quit too in solidarity with her

    Comment by read | November 13, 2011

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