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Spoiler Alert Thursday

I admit that I was a bit disappointed with “Dexter” this week. Don’t get me wrong: Dexter’s road-trip with the ITK was great; their relationship was great; and ITK was subtly different in his interactions with the world than Harry–for instance, I’ve never seen (as far as I can recall) Harry eat or drink, let alone seemingly pass Dexter a pitchfork. Is “Dexter” becoming a fantasy show? My major disappointment, as I elaborated on Twitter last week, was that the writer’s didn’t push the Christian angle a bit stronger, especially in an episode centred around Trinity: it was great to have Harry welcome Dexter home, but where the fuck was Mos? This seems like a classic pseudo-Christian Trinity: Harry=Father, IKT=Son, Mos=Spirit. But, no, Dexter just ran over ITK and ended that. The question remains open as to whether Dexter is schizophrenic (let’s hope not), if the spirit-guides are akin to angels or demons, or if Dexter is just talking to himself.

Every week I watch “The Walking Dead” enthusiastically, but a few days later I am left with the feeling that the show really isn’t all that good. It is clearly better than “The Killing” and likely better than “Hell on Wheels” (which I haven’t watched, but it looks like it has offensiveness written all over it: Indians and warpaint; cowboys and six-shooters; and the guy who operates the transportation device in “Star Trek”). And, as readers know, I haven’t watched “Breaking Bad” (but it’s Malcolm’s dad!) or “Mad Men” (sexism and cigarettes? I could stand outside the library doors for that one without committing an hour). At the end of it, I’m not sure if anything happened. Or, at least, anything of significance.  I do like the new Daryl this season and I liked his scenes with ghost-Merle, but the rest of them–including Rick–are really intolerable, especially that really annoying, self-centred one who shot Daryl. Can we feed her to the barn of zombies?

Oh, and I figured out why I didn’t like Maggie (not just because of her oversized mouth): she was Bella in “Supernatural.” And that is criminal.

Otherwise, “Supernatural” and “The Secret Circle” had great episodes; especially “Supernatural.” DJ Qualls teamed up with Dean to hunt a demon or a witch or something. He was hilarious. Becky–the perspective of the slash-writing superfan–returned and Sam was really mean to her. I wonder if they aired the episode out of order: Becky’s Twitter, which was discovered by DJ Qualls, actually exists (which is the norm for internet references in “Supernatural”), but all of the posts are dated September 23. But this doesn’t make sense because that was the premier night. Odd. Normally they are better at the details than this.

So far we’ve missed “Bored to Death” and “Call Me Fitz” this week. Oh, and do the writers of “NCIS” know that Afghanistan isn’t in the Middle East?


November 17, 2011 - Posted by | Spoiler Alert Thursdays


  1. My wife and I finally started chipping away at the “Prime Suspect” episodes in our DVR queue, and really enjoy it. So naturally, all signs point to its being canceled. Congratulations to NBC on returning to a state where we watch precisely zero of its shows. Wait, I just realized we’ve been watching Grimm. I suspect, however, we’ll either lose interest or it too will be canceled.

    Comment by mattintoledo | November 17, 2011

  2. Not only will you lose interest, but it will be cancelled. Given that production has been halted on “Prime Suspect,” barring a ratings miracle with the remaining episodes, it is surely cancelled. “Harry’s Law,” too, which is being moved to Sunday nights.

    Comment by Craig McFarlane | November 17, 2011

  3. I should alert the writers of “Person of Interest” that we watch that show. It’s probably too late for them to do anything to save that show. But at least they could take that information and start working on their next project.

    Comment by mattintoledo | November 17, 2011

  4. Grimm is doing well. I was crossing fingers for Prime Suspect — it’s a cop show with a hot female lead, not only should it be a hit but it would have made a good choice for my writing partner and me to spec for next year’s fellowship applications. But too bad. My new shows are Homeland, which is awesome, and Revenge, which is good TV fun as long as I don’t think to hard about Veronica Mars.

    Comment by Josh K-sky | November 18, 2011

  5. “Grimm” is doing well for NBC. The major problem with the show is the casting and the fact that it is really, really boring. How many episodes have been ordered? I don’t think I’ve seen anything about the show beyond the initial production–but I’d be surprised if it didn’t get 13 or even 22 episodes. Renewal is something else, though.

    Comment by Craig McFarlane | November 18, 2011

  6. You’re right about that Dexter episode — it was a potentially interesting theme, but they cut it off way too soon. It’s the kind of writing that I associate with the later seasons of House.

    In my book on TV sociopaths, I suggest that Dexter’s inner dialogue with an imagined Harry is almost as disturbing a sign of mental illness as his compulsion to ritually murder people.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | November 21, 2011

  7. Seems more disturbing to me: talking to your dead father as though he was real and physically present about nearly anything and everything is just weird. Killing people–that’s understandable. Isn’t Dexter, especially this season, working through your problematic of “religious, not spiritual”?

    Comment by Craig McFarlane | November 21, 2011

  8. He’s never been working on anything but that.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | November 21, 2011

  9. Just starting Sunday’s episode — surely it’s beyond obvious that Gellar is going to kill Colin Hanks’s sister to replace the woman he let go, right? Perhaps leading to him and Dexter becoming a crime-fighting duo?

    I was honestly worried when they seemed to be figuring everything out so quickly — thought it might turn out like that one season of 24 where they resolved the terrorist plot with like nine episodes to go and then wound up having a “touching” story of Jack Bauer’s willingness to sacrifice himself for love, etc.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | November 22, 2011

  10. The pace of the season has been a bit off–it began with the killers hunting for snakes. We didn’t normally see the killer until a few episodes in and, even when we did “see” the killer (like ITK, he was driving the ice truck in middle of the night playing chicken with Dexter) it was still a few episodes in. Two years ago, Trinity walked into Dexter’s office with a number of episodes to go, which was exciting. I was under the impression that the Admiral was going to capture Dexter and try to use him in the next tableau; that the Admiral had convinced Gump, Jr. that he had to give Dexter up.

    Quinn is great this season–first with Angel and now with Masuka. There’s something charming about a narcissistic egomaniac crashing and burning because he tried to overcome his own narcissism.

    Comment by Craig McFarlane | November 22, 2011

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