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“Smile!’, says Tuesday Hatred, with a tear in her eye

First and foremost I hate that somebody changed the way this blog is displayed on my iPod. By displaying full length posts rather than excerpts, he or she seriously degraded my established having-a-quiet-shit routine. The only revenge I see open  to me is to force excerpts for all my posts henceforward and for all displays. I can only hope that my quiet resistance will be crowdsourced and noted by the people leaders and/or decision makers of the WordPress-for-iPod design teams.

I hated my week-end. It consisted of: one tooth pulled by a dentist that tried to take advantage of my agony to try to sell me two 2000$ interventions (but I will make a stand here as well: no dental repair!), one broken collarbone of the Eldest Son during his second rugby match ever (he finally seemed to have find a sport where he was reasonable at), one broken washing machine with an aqua-stop feature that didn’t stop any water from traveling two floors down (on the bright side: the water seeping through the ceiling alerted us to our washing machine being broken) and, finally, one Daughter in tears because her teacher did not dignify himself to provide his pupils with whether his light detector sign detected light or the absence thereof.

But most of all I hate this bloody constant doom and gloom. I think the world has become collectively addicted to an idea of imminent Apocalypse. To all people who use fear to drive us into numbness I wish to point out that suicide can be the best thing to help the species survive.

‘Love, peace and understanding’, where are the good days where people actually responded to all of this Armagedonnish bullshit with an utterly naïve denial of every single thing a well educated and responsible citizen has been conditioned to accept as self-evidently true. All of the grotesque posturing in media outlets galore to be accepted as the dominant chimp warning of grave danger ahead if we refuse to follow him (him being used in a non-gender biased way here) is ridiculous.

There is no problem for which the solution is not simply the following: LESS WORK, MORE PLAY.

As expressed in the direct contribution of workers to basic sustenance there has been, is, will & can be only one winning strategy: lower worker’s productivity, increase leisure time & a guaranteed basic income.

I hate that I don’t live up to this standard. I blame my brainwashers. But I’m hopeful that I will find a way to disable the aqua-stop these right wing bastards have fitted into my brain.

Whatever. What I want to say is: LESS WORK, MORE PLAY!


November 22, 2011 - Posted by | politics, Tuesday Hatred


  1. Two points, A) was there not a tendency amongst early Christians to find martyrdom in suicide? Before it was (to prevent this) classed as a sin (forgot who? Augustine? around 500AD anyway)

    B) The other day a guy decided that the reason I wasn’t premitted, or have any right to disagree with him on the general strike on the 30th (he was against it) was ‘because he worked’ (I don’t for reasons of being for many years as mad as a fruit bat – fruit bats are not really mad but there means of thinking is not productive in a capitalist society therefore are excluded, good thinking people for years have campaigned for the right for fruit bats to have the right to sustenance as long as they are classed as disabled).

    However it made me realise, this guy had made is identity through his work – an alienated identity. He also suggested his arguemt was morally stronger ‘because he worked hard’. I did suggest that this is a very good reason to strike on the 30th as if the cuts mean he loses his job, as he has alienated his identity into his work, if he loses his job he will lose his identity.

    It also made me realise that denied fruitful productivity (I am a fruit bat after all we like fruitful productivity), i have had to forge an identity outside work. (I am productive it just tends not to bear fruit).

    I also have long realised that that I have done this really pisses people off. It turns out I was supposed to remain identityless as I have no job. F***ing beautiful souls!

    Sorry to hear about your son, personally i enjoyed rugby, I played second row and blind side flanker, but now realise I do not miss the majority of the people who played rugby with me… :-)

    Commiserations also with regard to your other miseries.

    Schizo Stroller

    Comment by Schizo Stroller | November 22, 2011

  2. not only the phone version but the regular page too looks now strangely white and bare, i hate this too

    Comment by read | November 22, 2011

  3. oh, i refreshed the page and now it looks as usually, well, then i don’t hate it and that, equilibrium is restored

    Comment by read | November 22, 2011

  4. Sorry to post again, on an unrelated note to my last comment, while i was meditating outside a while ago I became amused by where I was in consideration to your web reading routine

    here is where I regularly meditate

    Thought it (in?)appropriate

    Comment by Schizo Stroller | November 22, 2011

  5. Sorry about Monday Movies this week. Totally slipped my mind amid the holiday-getting-out-of-town. Save ’em up!

    I hate my week-old wrist rash. It’s an itchy bitch!

    Comment by Josh K-sky | November 22, 2011

  6. i confess i don’t get when people say sorry for posting again, what are the blogs for if not for posting again and whenever one is in the mood, especially if it’s only comments, i don’t think there are any special reglaments regulating the number of comments here
    i would have recommended Dinara Asanova’s films yesterday, they are the best, so very kind and lyrical, it’s such a pity she died at 43, too short a life

    Comment by read | November 22, 2011

  7. My hatred right now is (almost) all related to Major League Baseball’s Collective Bargaining Agreement announcements. Therefore, it is only relative hatred, not the earnest kind. I do kind of hate that I can’t really share this hatred without a normal person looking at me like, “What possible reason do you have for caring about this?” As if we’re only permitted to care about things that matter.

    I hate that I’m having quite a bit of trouble getting used to night running this year. First of all, it sucks compared to running during the day in fairly agreeable weather. Secondly, the shitty sidewalks put me constantly on edge and watching for cracks and dips sometimes causes me to overlook low-hanging branches. This makes me prefer running in the street, and this too puts me constantly on edge. This is almost enough to make me wish it would snow, since snow at least illuminates the ground better when it’s dark.

    Comment by mattintoledo | November 22, 2011

  8. SchizoStroller, no worries, it’s so rare to get actual mitleid on the internet that I’d forgive you anything short of pulling a Wiener.

    I do hate Josh because for the first time in a month I actually did warch a movie. To be precise: 2. His forgetfullness has wasted me an opportunity to make a compararive study of Terminator 1 vs. Terminator 2.

    I hate Thanksgiving because it reminds me of Xmas being around the corner.

    Comment by Guido Nius | November 22, 2011

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