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Friday Afternoon Confessional: Black Friday Special Edition

I confess that I have been tweeting excessively this week. I confess that excessive online participation of this kind tends to correspond to breaks from class. Since I entered graduate school, I have tended to regard a hermit-like existence as my “norm,” but it’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to adjust to it during breaks from teaching — I get lonely without my students to talk to.

I confess that I confessed to one of my classes, however, that on the level of working vs. not-working, being “on break” doesn’t actually make that much difference to me. Teaching is one type of intellectual work that I like to do, and when I’m not teaching, I generally do some other type. To this blurring of “work” and “non-work” time corresponds a strong overlap between “working” and “enjoyment” — the two are not strongly separated, and even my “purely” recreational activity such as watching TV tends to fold into my work (viz., my two books on TV).

I confess that I’m visiting home for Thanksgiving for the first time in many years. At some point, I phased out Thanksgiving in favor of Christmas and started staying in Chicago for Thanksgiving. This practice wound up laying the foundation for the inevitable “holiday swapping” that has become necessary as The Girlfriend and I start spending holidays together while fulfilling our filial duties. I confess that we are going to spend Christmas with her family this year, my first time spending Christmas away from home, hence necessitating my return to my family’s Thanksgiving this year. I confess that my family is likely happier to see The Dog than to see me.


November 25, 2011 - Posted by | Friday Afternoon Confessional


  1. happy holidays! i gather Tgf are not with you to attend your Thanksgiving, if i were you i would insist on the equal rights to attend the mutual family responsibilities and it would lead to a potential discord maybe, well whatever happens all is for the best
    i confess melatonin seems restored my sleep cycle though incompletely and i suffered its side effects of nausea which should occur in only 1.5% then even unusual headache, boneache and shifting of the monthly cycle, the body is like really not made for taking any medicine, always have all the minute side effects to whichever i take or i’m just too self-conscious though why to be that if my instincts of self-defense are not that dominant but rather on the contrary
    regarding the holiday situation, the one who loves more usually gives in, i’m curious about AK’s SO since you seem a pretty strong willed yourself so who could take over you must be an even stronger personality, but i recall the strongly opposed thumb already and any kind of relationships is always not perfectly equal, it’s when one takes the family obligations to be tailored according to one’s partner’s wishes as natural and necessary then the next step is marriage i suppose, but hope, you can switch the turns yearly so that everything is fair

    Comment by read | November 25, 2011

  2. Personally I’d be inclined to notch it all up to enjoyment and count myself lucky to get paid for it.
    However, apart from the books, though is it not more labour than work. Of course one could always call the labour practice (isn’t that what alabour of love is?) as you don’t work in a factory, you teach.
    (This is supposed to be a kudos comment not a criticism…)

    Comment by Schizo Stroller | November 25, 2011

  3. sorry to leave a too personally directed comment i guess, it must be just that i’m in the silly talkative eating a lot phase now and added by insomnia to that, the more concentrated, productivo-detached phase is to return in two weeks
    this morning’s twitter feed sounded awful, one news with shooting a girlfriend, another one eating one’s husband, what scary high passions people can have, this kind of news and generally all the too negative news shouldn’t be this open and immediate to
    disturb millions simultaneously imo, what if it would add up and up to the universal bad karma with that, incalculable consequences

    Comment by read | November 25, 2011

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