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Spoiler Alert Thursday

Mid-season finale season is upon us: expect to have your time wasted with shitty “holiday” fare (consider yourself fortunate, Americans and Europeans, that you will not have to suffer through yet another “A Rita MacNeil and Friends Christmas Special”). If things get sufficiently depressing, we may be forced to sign up for NetFlix for December–and then promptly cancel again in January.

Among the better “mid-season finales” was “The Walking Dead.” (I originally typed “The Walking Dean,” which would be an especially frightening image for us academics.) The most recent episode was likely the best of the season–but that’s not saying much. I think the reason why I’m continually unimpressed with the show is that at its core, it is a fundamentally reactionary show: rather than taking the zombie apocalypse as an opportunity to recreate the world anew, every effort is made to return to the past–hence all this really boring bullshit about property rights, fights over paternity (does Shane think he is Carl’s father, too?), and Rick’s double-authority as leader and father. It’s all rather dreadful. It’s also the last Darabont show-run episode. You’ll recall he had a fight with AMC in the summer over budgets: AMC wanted more indoor sets, fewer zombies, fewer extras (i.e., cheaper, thereby extracting greater profits off of it–good plan: cannibalize your most profitable product!) and he wanted to keep it outside, expansive, and filled with zombies. Too bad for AMC and the series that his tenure ends with the best episode of the season.

“Dexter,” I guess, had “the big reveal” this week. And, no, I’m not referring to the “reveal” where the creepy intern is the one who bought the IKT hand and Masuka, unknowingly, had him erase all traces of the disappearance of the evidence. Perfect crime, basically. Just before we sat down to watch the episode, I said, “What are the chances that Admiral Adama is a ghost?” Turns out he is a ghost–and currently living in one of those giant freezers people who shop at CostCo have in the basements and/or garages. Next question: what are the chances that Deb’s psychologist figures out that Dexter “isn’t right”? Every season we come closer to Deb revealing Dexter as a psychopath–what a better moral crisis for Deb (and, perhaps, to make her moderately interesting, and which is, after all, how we ended last season) is to have her live with the knowledge that Dexter might be bat shit crazy and really good at hiding it. That is, like the rest of us sociopaths he is really good at hiding the fact that he’s a sociopath (just like everyone else).

Some shitty TV site reproduced one of my tweets on this week’s episode of “Ringer.” I’ve never been more embarrassed in my life. (I suppose the writers of the show should be more embarrassed that they wrote it than I should be that some shitty site reproduced my tweet, but I can’t speak for them.) I don’t even know if the website is real or trying to sell me penis pills. And they didn’t even choose a good one. How did they miss my “live-tweeting” of “Hart of Dixie”? Those were golden.

I’m excited to see how (if?) “Supernatural” will go from “Bobby just got shot in the fucking head by a Leviathan!” to a Christmas episode in forty two minutes. “A Supernatural Christmas” is the only Christmas special I’ll watch. The one a few seasons ago with the pagan gods and meadowsweet wreaths was classic.

Rumour has it that HBO has “unofficially” renewed “Game of Thrones” for two more seasons. (Something about telling production staff to prepare for a nine month shoot next year rather than the usual four-ish month shoot.) This would, apparently, bring the series to the end of “A Storm of Swords,” which is, apparently, so vast and complex that it requires 20 hours to film. And io9 is reporting that Christopher Meloni (i.e., Detective Elliot UnStabler of “Law & Order: SVU” fame) has been/will be cast as an ancient vampire in the next season of “True Blood.” People who have seen “Hot Wet American Summer” or the first “Harold & Kumar” will know why this is a good idea.


December 1, 2011 - Posted by | Spoiler Alert Thursdays

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  1. I saw the pilot of what I think is a British series ‘Strike Back’ and what can I say: we liked it despite the gratuitous sex and the 24 like storyline. Good brainless fun.

    Comment by Guido Nius | December 2, 2011

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