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Tuesday Hatred of the role Role Models play

I hate super successful people. I hate them with a vengeance because they tend to think that any hatred directed to them is a matter of jealousy. It is not. Unless, that is, wanting to be a hypocritical bastard falls under the category of jealousy. Hell, I will go out of my way and link to the Wall Street Journal on this one. One of the basic design flaws of the current system is best summed up without words. Here’s the picture:

Meet the One Percent!

No, I don’t mean that there is a one percent.  Such a sentence is the result of being too lazy to review your own stuff. I would say: “Shame on me!” but who cares? I don’t. It should have been: No, I don’t mean there can be a 100 percent without there being a one percent. Which is probably equally unintelligible.

I mean that the one percent is successfully convincing the majority of the 99 percent to want to be like them. The American Dream is the basis of our nightmare.Not because people want a fridge or a car or something. Not even because they want to differentiate themselves from the people who look like they live next door. Not because any of that original stuff. No, the nightmare is not due to the people wanting to be different. The nightmare is fully defined by people wanting to be exactly like the one percent in that it will never be enough (in a purely quantitative way).  The essence of the one percent as it is is that they will do anything to get the specific prerogative of deciding how the earth is best saved (by vaccination, space travel, volunteering to pay taxes, creating guilt in others for not knitting their own socks; you name it and it is going on).

They can even graciously offer to increase democracy as long as they remain with the prerogative of paying for most of the propaganda ahead of elections.

Maybe I have begun to express the level of my hatred for these non-decadent wealthy (at least the decadent wealthy sort themselves out and generally provide some good entertainment in the process). Maybe not. I may not have enough bile in me to state how much I believe that the whole paradigm of out-competing everybody else and actually deserving that special place in public discourse that is accepted as so obvious by the non-decadent and utterly meritorious wealthy is a linchpin of everything that is wrong.

Some people may say that this whole thing is just the visible aspect of what is wrong with society these days but I am one of the new grumblers on a writing-table and I tell you that this whole thing is the essence of what is wrong these days. As long as these Role Models of Merit and Charity are left unchallenged they will remain the role models that keep the status quo. I couldn’t care less about them having money, I just want them to shut up and leave the rest of us alone in trying to get our children some education and ourselves a little luxury over and above the basic human rights they violate by the mere pronouncement of opinions that, according to them, should carry more than average weight because they earned (or inherited) not just loads of dollars but also our deep and eternal respect.


December 6, 2011 - Posted by | shameless self-promotion, Tuesday Hatred


  1. i hate i worry about things that are not connected to me in any way, it’s so not good and wearing, why to worry about things if you can’t help in any way, better if one hates something outside of one’s that, realm, so i think that is what is happening about mass hating 1%, which is of course all justified and just, just it’s so easier to exist knowing what to hate, it’s what so thick skinned of the 1% to not worry about others, but it seems they do, according to your post
    i recalled the other day i saw a photo collage at slate about the born equals, so the photoartist put together the images of people very different and yet like similar to each other, like a pimp and a mormon, a gangster, mafiosi etc, thought there was just one person like relatively normal, a girl with her prized cow, so what i thought, okay they are not born equal if that was the thought, just all different and which is not the most like tragedy who they are, but that they can’t break out their life boundaries and become something else, it’s just impossible so that their life path is so shaped and dictated by their external environment, if a mafiosi could become a gangster or a geisha become a rocker, or some other metamorphoses could happen etc that would have been like pretty great and interesting for them to live life, just mostly impossible, very rare, though there are exceptions of course like an english lord becoming a scientist, Lincoln, Madonna, many hollywood famous actors, though fame is not that important in there, maybe someone unknown becomes a monk and that counts too etc so it’s very exceptional, but in ordinary life impossible and maybe that’s what is all about possible reincarnations and buddhahood, be born a pimp this life, next life you’ll be a mafiosi, be good and next maybe you’ll be a geisha, or a dog/ worm/butterfly but what happens is just as we say humhun toosond butsah – to return to the dust of the universe forever, cz not everybody would be able to attain buddhahood and join the universal mind if it even exists, which seems like exists somehow, in the shape of that, cultural heritage, as something what is left after one, some material legacy if it were some kind of art or memory which all in the end wouldn’t matter too after sufficiently long time, so, that that these things are impossible or just unknown is worrisome, and what everybody is trying to do is to leave some trace, footprint, kids, work, books, for some time, that one existed, otherwise why to struggle everyday, that is all thinking about role models

    Comment by read | December 6, 2011

  2. I started reading your comment, read, when I realized it was difficult to get through. I then realized in such a large grouping of words, the number of periods should be greater than or equal to the number of times the word “pimp” appears. By my count, there are two “pimps” but zero periods.

    I hate how much I worry about whether that attempt at humor makes me seem like a dick.

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | December 6, 2011

  3. substitute the word with “pastor” if you prefer and yeah i should use periods instead of commas but if you can read it this or other way, with or without commas, that’s okay, more meaningless meanings though the meaning is just one, one can’t escape one’s fate, mostly, and that’s sad

    Comment by read | December 6, 2011

  4. In the above comment (#3), you could have put a period after “that’s sad” thus bringing the ratio of periods to pimps decisively in favour of the former.

    I hate the “campus restaurant,” which is supposed to be some of sort comparatively high end but comparatively affordable affair from bring off-campus guests to or hosting meetings at, offers–among many other choice selections of death–slices of anemic calf, but nothing vegan. Even their “mushroom burger” has a melted slice of death on it. (Mind you, “mushroom burger” is also really uninspired, but whatever.) Looks like I’ll be having water and coffee for lunch. I hope neither are flavoured with “essence of maple smoked bacon.”

    Comment by Craig McFarlane | December 6, 2011

  5. i don’t look into the essences how they flavour things, i had some colored rice with olives in it, asparagus and fries, all three are side dishes and voila, something like a vegetarian lunch, cheap and tasty, the cashiers always ask me, only the side dishes? maybe they think i am being cheap and try just to save money, or maybe the side dishes are not vegetarian so it looks like that, but that’s ok, if i don’t see any meat or chicken that’s vegetarian enough for me and maybe your restaurant does not allow side dishes separately too
    i know i should not offer any advice or help, always do that and afterwards think people like to complain or suffer or both and don’t like to be helped so that suffering seems like is their that, unalienable right, and all should be left suffering with whatever ails them, it’s like that, hard earned knowledge for me

    Comment by read | December 6, 2011

  6. I hate that Toledo is talking about installing “crime cameras”.

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | December 8, 2011

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