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Tuesday Hatred of Two, Thousand and Eleven

This was a despicable year. The rich were so busy putting their own problems first that they could now finally fully ignore what the poor were down to. Or:

The SuperWest acted as if a piece of Debtonite suddenly required us to be the center of all attention. That would have  been despicable enough but we went on to square despicable in allowing ourselves the diversion of thinking the world was saving itself by just following our edifying example and using our superior technologies. In the true spirit of our neurosis, we needed to be delivered all at once with a big lightning flash: Ka-Boom! The fact that it didn’t happen gave us the precious feeling of having been right all along in predicting the world was damned (Hello, 2012!).

The SuperWest so added yet another achievement on top of exporting inequality and importing poverty: the adoption of  our impatience and need for instant gratification as universal good. We taught the whole world how to take out a loan on future happiness in order to enjoy the immediate pleasure of desiring swift and radical change. Meanwhile the discussion on interference centered on what the SuperWest should do, steering well clear of what could be done.

All of this translated into a most despicable year of increased misery, obsessive expectations and an all-round increase of insecurity. Do we repent? No, we will raise the bar some more because that is what the SuperWest is about: raising the bar and measuring how far we fell short of it, how we could have had more and how we should have had more. More. More.  Stress was the despicable mantra of 2011. Change, but only on steroids. We want our news fast and furious.

Meanwhile Murdoch not only got away with doing his thing. He got away with getting caught doing it. He also got away with having his man in politics oppose banking reform. The cherry on Murdoch’s cake was that his man was applauded as a regular David fighting the European Goliath. May the prime examples of democracy continue to prosper based on their supreme system of party financing by the rich! Let us remain divided such that the wealthy can continue to prosper.

I for one have only this to say to Murdoch, lobbyists and financiers of political parties:

Maybe this despicable year was necessary to realize that the way we do things is not the way they should be done. Maybe the next year is the one where we run out of veins to inject our need for speed in. Maybe we start to realize that less hurry means more time to fuck.

A distinctly Hegelian thought.

I cannot have my hatred and have it eat my optimism too.


December 27, 2011 - Posted by | politics, Tuesday Hatred


  1. the dragon year will be better they say, overall, though it won’t start before feb,23 according to our calendar

    Comment by read | December 27, 2011

  2. I usually don’t feel utterly ground down by the end of the year, but this year tried to stifle, wound and kill me and mine over and over, and as noted here before, in one case succeeded in the latter. Fuck a bunch of 2011 right in the nose.

    I hate that my constitutional optimism tends to prevent me from acknowledging sentiments like the above to such an extent that they manifest mainly as anxiety.

    Comment by Josh K-sky | December 27, 2011

  3. Three more days and the bastard is history.

    Comment by Guido Nius | December 28, 2011

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