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Spoiler Alert Thursday

The biggest news this past week, of course, is that the new CBC series, “Arctic Air,” premiered this week. It’s the sanctimonious, tolerant shit you would expect from, not only a Canadian production, but a CBC production at that. Other than Adam Beach punching that guy in the face (he called him “Chief”), the show was complete crap. For whatever reason, there apparently are 10 episodes already produced. That would be precisely ten too many. I note, in passing, that I’ve never seen a show with so many alumni of the “Battlestar Galactica” and “Supernatural” universes. I guess that’s what you get with a Canadian production. Hilarious that the series is practically an advertisement for tourism in the Northwest Territories–indeed, with the exception of advertisements for other CBC shows, NWT Tourism seems to be the only sponsor. Ironically, the show appears to be filmed in BC. There’s a hilarious review of the episode on IMDB. Basically, the show is “Wings” cross with tundra, polar bears, and a bunch of Indians.

Otherwise, shows are slowly returning: “The Secret Circle,” “Supernatural,” “NCIS,” “Unforgettable,” “Law & Order: SVU,” and “Harry’s Law” all had new episodes. Remember when Thursday was “Must Watch TV” night? Well, Tuesday is clearly either “Must Not Watch TV” night or, perhaps, “A Good Night to Kill Yourself Because You Won’t Miss Anything” night. Was “Seinfeld” part of that “Must Watch” night? Because I really don’t get that show. We’ve seen parts of a few episodes–never watched it when it was actually on–and I’m surprised how “aggressively” unfunny it is. “Frasier” or “King of Queens”–fuck, “Coach”–were better than this.

The girl in this week’s episode of “Supernatural” was, to the say the least, absolutely annoying. There’s little that’s worse than children and smart ass teenagers on TV–except adults of any stripe, of course. However, Dean finding a new surrogate father figure–the paranoid “Lone Gunman”-esque guy–was great and so too was Dean’s attempt to “fake it until you make it” at the end.

One last picture, for fun:

And a preview of next week’s “Supernatural.” Aren’t superfans with “tumblrs” the absolute best?


January 12, 2012 - Posted by | Spoiler Alert Thursdays


  1. We have begun watching Monk on Hulu. It seems like a perfectly calibrated “weekend evening” show that our parents would’ve enjoyed watching — and now that I think about it, given Craig’s love for NCIS and other similar stuff, maybe he’s actually a middle aged Midwesterner? The character of Monk makes absolutely no sense at all, in terms of his psychological condition. He tends to be as impaired (or not) as the plot demands. As for the mysteries, so far they’ve done a good job of making you feel like you’ve solved it, but then throwing a reasonable twist at you (unlike the US Prime Suspect, where they’ll introduce a totally new character in the last five minutes who turns out to be the killer). Overall, it’s good “unwinding” TV.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | January 12, 2012

  2. The secret of “NCIS” being tolerable was that it used to not take itself seriously. It seemed as though the writers knew they couldn’t write, the producers knew they couldn’t produce, the directors knew they couldn’t direct, and the actors knew they couldn’t act and in spite of all this overwhelming mediocrity, people watched the show in droves. Now the writers think they can write, the producers think they can produce, the directors think they can direct, and the actors think they can act. It isn’t as much fun.

    Anxious/neurotic/aspergers enough for the plot without any consistency from episode to episode is a staple of bad TV: just look at “Criminal Minds,” “Bones,” “Unforgettable,” …

    Comment by Craig McFarlane | January 12, 2012

  3. Thanks for your review of “Arctic Air”… here in Yellowknife.. there’s so much kowtowing in the local film/video/media community that no one seems to have the guts to give an honest opinion…

    Comment by themediamentor | January 12, 2012

  4. I like Adam Beach. I think he’s a great actor–and a great Native Canadian actor. Many of the other Native actors are also quite talented. Unfortunately, the plot was contrived. Admittedly, it was a “pilot” episode. Perhaps the first real episode will be better. But then, likely not: drunken weird doctor played by Michael Hogan who is most famous for being the drunken weird space colonel; a funny talking and funny sounding brown guy from India… nearly identical to the Afghan character in “Combat Hospital”… Good work.

    One positive note about the show: it doesn’t look as desperately sad as “Republic of Doyle,” with special guest star RUSELL CROW! His career has taken a hit if he’s doing CBC shows. CBC really should stick to hockey, Olympics, news, and Rita MacNeil. “Heartland” anyone?

    Comment by Craig McFarlane | January 12, 2012

  5. We are on a BBC marathon, with 3 episodes of Sherlock and 4 episodes of Downton Abbey since Sunday. I’m totally grooving on Downton, but it is hilariously redemptive of the British class system, putting a good-hearted, mildly-liberal-sentimented defender of the status quo at the sister, giving the good bitchy reactionary stuff to Maggie Smith, and generally establishing that as arduous as it is to have no social mobility, happiness mostly depends on the kindliness of your supervisors and employers, not on the opportunities you have. Of course the liberal-minded upper-class are the ones who have much more to say about reform than the servants. I am hopeful for the socialist chauffer, though.

    Comment by Josh K-sky | January 12, 2012

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