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Friday Afternoon Confessional: The vacation’s over

I confess that my winter break is soon ending, as classes start Tuesday. I confess that I’m looking forward to my classes for this semester, but more than that, I’m looking forward to getting a clean slate. My experience in my previous position was that there was a huge difference between my first term and my second — it was as though I had to get a bunch of obvious mistakes out of my system so that I had something to start from. Given the uniqueness of the Shimer approach, starting here was not entirely unlike starting totally fresh, so the same rule applies, or so I hope.

I confess that I experienced acute stress when I realized I was coming to the end of my check register. I am one of the only people I know who still fills out the check register, as I like to know how much money I really have available when automatic payments are factored in, etc. — in my many years of living on the financial edge, this technique served me well, as I’ve literally never overdrawn my checking account in my entire life. I confess that I was even considering going to the bank simply to ask them for a new register, but I found a spare.

I confess that I very often use the last of The Dog’s poop bags without replacing them. As someone who normally keeps up with every little detail (see above), I find this very embarrassing. Thankfully, The Girlfriend and I devised what I think will be a pretty robust system to prevent this unacceptable pattern from continuing.


January 13, 2012 - Posted by | Friday Afternoon Confessional

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  1. Every time I see reference to “Monk,” which is fortunately rare, I go on a multi-day streak of referring to everything as a “Shaloub” and randomly saying the word “Shaloub.” I confess that Blythe is likely angry at Adam for having done this to me. I haven’t used the word–or heard it–in years and now it is back. shaloubshaloubshaloub.

    I confess that there is at least 15cm of snow on the driveway (if not 20cm) and I don’t really give a fuck. The car gets through it fine enough. Gordon, however, is absolutely unable to walk in the snow. I confess my back hurts just thinking about clearing the driveway.

    And, lastly, I confess that the home heating and cooling industry is, basically, highway robbery. Except instead of a highway, it’s in your basement.

    Comment by Craig McFarlane | January 14, 2012

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