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Sunday Stories: Q said

You ask yourself “Why me?” and in so doing you waste two words and have me wasting sixteen.

Imagine history as a marble tracing a trajectory on a slightly tilted plane, flat although somewhat dented. Mostly it runs its course, erratically but without significant deviations in speed nor in direction. Nevertheless, every once in a while it hits a bump or gets stuck in a bigger depression. For a short time then history is on a roller coaster ride or, as presently, stuck for a long time in a seemingly stable condition.

The marble wants to continue its descent as the wasp wants to continue its flight across the glass of the window.

It can’t; not without help.

There will be a time when the marble will be in a place where the laws of nature have been unified under the humanities. I know, I am from that time. Imagine, Guido, a world in which you are a talented, gifted writer. Now picture the space with the dented plane with the marble on it. The world you imagined is one of the points in the space you pictured. It’s alas not also a point on the dented plane.

Our words penetrate worlds our history can never realize. History, however, does not take place in a vacuum. Worlds imagined through words make waves in space, waves influencing the marble’s trajectory.

You, Guido, waste a lot of those words. The world is stuck in a depression and you continue to waste precious words.  We need to get the marvel rolling again, towards us and beyond. We need you to focus because you  can make sense of this, which is  why you. Remember: notation is everything. Choose ‘Q said’ as title. Three hundred. The journey must continue. There can be no end.


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