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Tuesday Hatred of Yesterday

I woke up yesterday feeling I hadn’t slept well. It took me even longer than usual to drag myself to my bike station. I was reasonably happy then as I had managed not to piss anyone off until that point. The bike station was empty so I had to walk to the next bike station. After a minute or two, it emerged that the bike I took out had a problem. The saddle slowly lowered so I basically needed to ride a kid’s bike. I managed to make it to the office 30′ later than in the normal routine which meant I was unable to do what I wanted to do in order to avoid a huge misunderstanding in my first meeting of the week.

Said misunderstanding therefore produced itself. After said meeting I could no longer say that I had managed not to piss anyone off. At that point I realized I had a head ache. Various complications occurred during the afternoon including too long a call with the person that I had managed to piss off leading to me starting home 45′ later than intended. I found the bike station at my office to be as empty as the one earlier that morning close to my home. I walked to the next station and this time got a bike which was tip top in shape (albeit with rather flat tires) and carried me home with a delay now closing in on an hour.

Everybody was in good spirits at home until I entered. The cat had left two dead mouses by our back door so I needed to have my smoke in an open graveyard and then remove the bodies which were either still stiff or frozen stiff. I asked The Eldest Son in French to talk to me about his French test of today. He hesitated for a small moment which brought the cat up in me and in him the mouse. Torture lasted for one and a half hour after which I said sorry and he said I didn’t need to feel guilty. That really freaked me out but thanks to everybody but me the day ended in relative equanimity.



January 31, 2012 - Posted by | Tuesday Hatred


  1. I hate waiting for the results of job interviews. It seems to take forever to hear from the hiring company and I always oscillate a hundred times between being convinced they might actually offer me the job and being absolutely convinced I screwed the pooch in the interview to such a degree that they’re not only not hiring me, they’re secretly letting everybody in the region know not to hire me.

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | January 31, 2012

  2. I hate my back.

    Comment by Craig | January 31, 2012

  3. From the sound of it it hates you back. I seem to have patched things up with mine.

    Comment by Guido Nius | January 31, 2012

  4. I hate that my great degree of productivity last week seems to be due entirely to having had a couple of hard deadlines and not at all due to having an office, judging by my productivity this week.

    Is anybody else seeing a short youtube advertisement for Audi? I don’t hate it, it’s a funny ad and if Adam’s making a nickel from me watching it, wevs, it’s not as if The Weblog is my sanctuary from the ravages of visual capitalism. But it’s odd.

    Comment by Josh K-sky | January 31, 2012

  5. Ah, it’s gone now that I logged in. How funny!

    Comment by Josh K-sky | January 31, 2012

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