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Spoiler Alert Thursday

It was, perhaps, a record for us in terms of not watching TV. As far as I can recall, we only watched “Fringe,” “Hart of Dixie,” “Ringer,” and “The Office” (which aired last night in Canada rather than on Thursday). I mentioned a couple week’s ago, that I thought “Fringe” had its strongest episode in a while–or, at least, that it had an inter-universal car chase (which indicates how low standards are for “Fringe” and strength). Last week’s episode was rather boring, which is to say, typical for “Fringe.” I suppose Nina was a super-creepy-surrogate-mother to Olivia, but that isn’t enough to sustain the show. If possible (which is very had to imagine), each new episode of “Hart of Dixie”–or as I call it, “Fart of Dixie”–is worse than the previous. The pattern continued this week. Even though I was in front of the TV for the entirety of “Ringer” and the sound was on, I don’t recall anything from the episode and it was just two nights ago. Aside from “Supernatural,” CW really sucks. At least we get a new episode of “Supernatural” this week. Finally, “The Office.” Like I’ve said before, with Michael gone, the show is significantly improved. They’re kinda overusing the bleeped-out/blurred-out swearing, but at least, for NBC, it is “daring.” You can only do so many wedding episodes and baby birth episodes after all–oops, they had a baby birth episode this week. At least it was downplayed and focused on the Senator’s obvious homosexuality and Dwight’s “love contract” with Angela. It feels as though the show expects cancellation, especially with the misguided–but, for NBC, completely predictable–“Dwight” spin-off.


February 2, 2012 - Posted by | Spoiler Alert Thursdays


  1. Okay, now that I’ve stopped laughing at the idea of a “Dwight” spinoff, I can type. Doesn’t he live on a beet farm? Maybe that will be the variable that allows it to work. Or are they going to have him go to California? Maybe live next to Joey. And Laverne and Shirley. I haven’t watched The Office in years, but that spinoff (regardless of the premise) just sounds like a terrifically bad idea to me.

    I’d love to see a list of failed spinoffs next to a list of the successful ones. Even if you put a show like A Different World on the “success” side, I’d imagine the disparity is enormous.

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | February 2, 2012

  2. I watched a pilot of a canceled show for career-related reasons. There were plenty of things to like about it — a winning main character, a light-drama tone that allowed whimsy without having it undermine stakes, some good dramatic beats. However, the main story was so extremely repellent that I must hope it never comes up in conversation, and wish I hadn’t seen it.

    Comment by Josh K-sky | February 2, 2012

  3. Matt: it seems they are planning a back-door pilot and I thought I saw an upcoming episode description to the effect that Gabe strings Dwight along with some sort of job and Dwight finally stands up for himself and, I gather, leaves. Of course, he has a kid now. Or at least believes he does, which means that Angela will appear in the spin-off, which is hilarious because she’s one of the least compelling characters on the show. Even Ryan is more tolerable than she!

    I wouldn’t mind a Meredith spin-off. It would be about the travails of raising a delinquent teenage son while working a shitty job you don’t care about, being drunk most of the time, and very promiscuous. Or, imagine a Jim and Pam spin-off: they could reconstruct the set of some long forgotten 1950s sitcom, find vintage clothing, and deal with problems like the neighbour’s too-bright Hawaiian shirt.

    Comment by Craig | February 4, 2012

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