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Friday Afternoon Confessional: Cookie-wise

I confess that at times, computer problems reduce me to the emotional maturity level of a three-year-old. I confess that my life would probably be improved if I could afford a new computer — but it’d have to be a Mac, because the entire internet would revile me if I bought a new PC at this late date. I confess that my current laptop is so big and clunky that I might as well have just gotten a desktop, which I may well do next time around.

I confess that I am afraid to do my taxes. Many of my income streams involve various forms of freelance or other non-payroll work, so I almost always have to pay out.

I confess that The Girlfriend and I will be going to the Symphony at the end of the month, because we’re so damn civilized.

I confess that I continue to find ever-new things to worry about. My surplus-anxiety must find an outlet. I assume part of it is just the fact of being in a new job — and post-job market stress disorder takes its toll as well. Hopefully as I get settled in, I can experiment with actual happiness.


February 3, 2012 - Posted by | Friday Afternoon Confessional

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  1. I confess to killing my old running blog. It turns out I could not continually do interesting posts about running. To fill the void of blogs I feel anxious about not updating enough, I started a blog (my name is the link, hint hint) to coincide with my newest hobby – playing guitar. I confess to some pride in both the title of the blog and my first post. I think a blog about trying to learn to play the guitar has the potential for more widespread appeal than one about running. I confess billions of non-readers may disagree.

    Final blog related confession. I wanted to come up with a self-deprecating blog title that conveyed my apparent lack of musical aptitude and one that crossed my mind made me chuckle despite being offensive and immediately vetoed in the interest of good taste: guitarded.

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | February 3, 2012

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