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Tuesday Hatred of This and That

I hate how Google Chrome has its “hide, minimize and close” buttons on the top right of the window like every other browser but has them in a different size. This often leads to me hit what I think is the minimize button thereby inadvertently hiding – or worse still, closing – the Google Chrome window. You will say that I could easily avoid such inconvenience by only using one type of browser and you would be right if my fingers were not trained by I don’t know how many applications which do use the same standard (too small) buttons.

Also, I’m too lazy to make Chrome do everything I have made other browsers do as a result of years of coincidental history of trial and error. My brain knows which browser does what and it is far easier to rely on my brain to choose what browser fits what use than it is to configure one browser to fit all my uses. I hate that it is not possible to just standardize and settle on just one browser (one operating system, one type of government, one administrative file) because it would lead to one browser that is incapable of anyone ever discovering a novel browser feature.

Maybe I can find solace in the fact that I am using browsers less and less often because of a lack of time and energy to find stuff on the internet. I fear I am finally approaching the age at which I can’t even muster the strength to self-deceive my self into believing I can still mean something outside of The Family. I hate that when I finally will have raised the funds to start ‘my own life’ without endangering the prospects of others I will even have forgot that once upon a time I felt a need for such self-deception.


February 7, 2012 - Posted by | Fundraising, Tuesday Hatred

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  1. I hate when posts don’t have any comments, and I will therefore share another of my own. I hate when people on Facebook or Twitter post their daily affirmations and inspirational quotes. I’m not on your fucking sales team and I don’t need your fortune cookie advice. So keep your warm fuzzies to your damn self.

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | February 9, 2012

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