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Tuesday Hatred gets shorter and shorter but id will not give up

I hate that the cycling season has not yet started. I hate that I forgot why I was excited about the opportunity to hate. I hate that comment threads are getting shorter. I hate that The Wife is out of town this week. I hate that people in Greece feel bad. I hate that nothing out of the ordinary ever happens to me.  I hate all these flares of indignation, certainly when they are of the type that self-extinguishes. I hate that Real Madrid-Barcelona is not a possible Champions League final. I hate that consequently Barcelona’s choir boy image and handball way of playing football will remain unchallenged as the culmination point of early XXIst century soccer. I hate that every quarter there is a next quarter. I hate that US elections are as nonsensical as Greek elections. I hate that everybody is all over everybody else and in the meantime finance goes on as always. I hate that I am bound to forget the exact starting hour of one of The Kids’ activities this week. I hate what I have not become.

Dear Readers, if I may: of the many to hate, pray tell which one bothers you most.


February 14, 2012 - Posted by | boredom, Tuesday Hatred


  1. On one hand, I hate that I’ve pretty much severed ties with blogging about Tiger baseball. On another, I’m very much relieved that I can, without guilt, focus on working on some other things. I hate that blogging (at least the baseball kind and sure many others) is what I refer to as a greedy hobby, in that to do it as well as I think it should be done, it always asks for more of your time.

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | February 14, 2012

  2. I hate the way February just disappeared into a vortex of parent visits. I hate that I have nothing to submit for a invitation-only screenwriting contest. I hate that I am nowhere near being able to have a first draft of my screenplay done by the end of the month. I hate the never-ending stream of bills, home repairs and medical claims. I hate having to file health insurance claims in the first place. I suppose this is what they call freedom.

    Comment by Josh K-sky | February 14, 2012

  3. i hate that “working” in large conglomerate coffeehouses alone is an invitation for older men to ask me out “for a drink”. i hate especially that i am the kind of person to whom one writes notes with their number on the front and “interested in: metaphysics, existentialism” on the back.

    i hate especially that my freelance jobs require me to write about things i have no interest in, particularly an article on the “80/20 rule,” whose beginnings as an observation on economic inequality have transformed into a golden rule of management techniques – and which serves, perversely, to remind me how inefficient i am.

    thirdly, i hate that this inefficiency had made me put off drafting a research proposal in favor of making a shockingly small amount of money on articles like that mentioned above. it seems to me a better allocation of my time would be writing this proposal (80/20 rule!) but my ultimately failed attempts at saving money for rent at the end of last year thwarted it.

    for valentine’s day, i read an excerpt from bartolome de las casas’ “brief account of the destruction of the indies” while simultaneously watching an attenborough-esque documentary on plants where the presenter rapturously described the evolutionary advances of flowers and implied that the dinosaurs got what was coming to them because of their failure to survive an astroid “the size of 1 billion atom bombs.” after which i dramatically intoned to my partner, “i hate the world more than i love any single thing.” i hate such dramatic tendencies, also.

    Comment by ~ (@plsbequietpls) | February 15, 2012

  4. Way to go!

    Comment by Guido Nius | February 15, 2012

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