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Don’t think Tuesday Hatred is over until it’s over

I am working too hard on innovative technologies that will shape your lives. It’s not that I hate that but I do hate not having the time to write a proper Tuesday Hatred (assuming there is such a thing, at least coming from my fingers).

I would hate it even more to leave Tuesday blank so I’m going to count on the comments to prop up some decent hatred.


February 21, 2012 - Posted by | innovative technologies that shape our lives, Tuesday Hatred


  1. I hate it when web pages put the cursor in some text field on loading, so that scrolling with the arrow keys doesn’t work. I hate it when I can’t just hit enter to log in but must actually click the log-in button.

    I hate that the meta-data for classical music is so completely fucked. I ripped a CD into iTunes and the tracks were processed such that everything had a different “artist,” etc., and would play in totally the wrong order.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | February 21, 2012

  2. I hate the same thing Adam does about ripping CDs onto iTunes, but my issue always arose with rap CDs, like Big Boi’s latest. He collaborates with somebody else for every song so as soon as it’s in your queue, the proper order of the CD is annihilated. The only thing I can think of to fix the problem is to re-create the proper order of the CD with a manually created playlist, but that’s a bit of a pain in the ass.

    I hate that with the above, I may have just duplicated a past hatred.

    I hate that I submitted a resume for a job back on 12/16, when the resumes for the position were due. I didn’t get a call for an interview until 1/25, when they informed me the interview was 1/27. I haven’t heard boo about the position since and the waiting, as I was warned by Tom Petty, is the hardest part.

    I hate donut places that try to pass off every donut they make as a paczki on Fat Tuesday. I hate that tomorrow I’ll have to try to pretend I’m not distracted by a bunch of people having burnt palms mashed onto their foreheads. (Somebody should create a year-long contraceptive that can be mixed with the ashes to be placed on good Catholic women’s foreheads. It could serve as a beautiful compromise between the church and its patrons.)

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | February 21, 2012

  3. I hate motion sensitive faucets and paper towel dispensers, which although a good idea in theory, rarely seem to work for me as intended — I typically spend like fifteen or twenty seconds waving my hands underneath the faucet or the towel machine, waiting for it to notice that I’m there. If I finally do get the mechanism to work it will dispense like a measly six ounces of water or four inches of paper towel, and then I have to begin the whole process all over again. It takes forever to get my hands washed, and like as not I give up on the paper towel dispenser and leave the restroom with wet hands. I would hate the soap dispenser too except I don’t care that much about soap — if it doesn’t give me product immediately I will just do without.

    I hate hand dryers. Or more accurately, I hate it when a public bathroom is set up in such a way that after I finish washing my hands I have to touch a faucet handle or a door knob. This is usually the case in bathrooms with hand dryers, except if they have a motion sensitive faucet (which has its own problems, see above) and a knobless door that you can just shoulder through. The best set up is when there are ample paper towels, so you can turn off the faucet through a paper towel barrier; and carry another prophylactic paper towel with you over to the door. The wastebasket should be just by the exit door, so that you can turn and pull the door handle through the paper towel, hold the door open with your foot, and then drop the paper towel into the trash as you let the door swing shut behind you.

    I hate traveling for work. I hate hotel rooms. I hate having watched some expose on hotel room cleanliness years ago, and I hate that as a result of having watched this show I’m uncomfortable touching any surface in this room. It’s bullshit anyway, I’m sure my own house is way filthier, but Oprah and Maury Povich and the guy from A Current Affair haven’t tested for staph in my own house. They’ve tested the Westin or the Marriott or the Hilton though, and this room will definitely kill you. You’re definitely not supposed to touch the remote control, which is covered in filth and death; I remember that. I hate that whenever I’m in a hotel the only thing on t.v. anyway is Law and Order, Sex Perverts Edition and some Jennifer Aniston movie. I like Jennifer Aniston though.

    Comment by jms | February 22, 2012

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