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Friday Afternoon Confession: A Planned Life

I confess to thriving on having plans. It’s very helpful in getting through a tough day when I know it ends with a guitar lesson. Similarly, a shitty week at work is much more bearable when I know braving it will be rewarded with a party or some similar bit of fun. Even if it’s a vacation that’s months away, I can cheer myself up by going to Kayak and looking at hotels or to the bookstore to comb through travel guides for possible things to do.

Speaking of having plans, I confess to a strange joy in being able to say I can’t do things because I have conflicting plans. Obviously, this is helpful when those things are activities I don’t really want to do. Strangely, whether I would enjoy the proposed activity or not doesn’t seem to matter too much. I just get a kick out of being able to say, “Oh, that night? We’re going to the Black Keys concert” or “We’re out of town that week; what about the next weekend?”. It probably has something to do with having too many planless weekends in high school and college. I think I also enjoy knowing that if I can’t do something with Friend A because I have plans with Friend B, I’m simply delaying plans with Friend A (i.e. there’s another weekend with plans!).

I confess that every time I go somewhere with my brother who needs a guide dog because he is legally blind, I end up wanting to throttle somebody for their comments. People will very openly, and obviously within earshot of my brother, discuss amongst themselves their understanding of how guide dogs or assistance dogs work. Or they’ll discuss their own experiences with guide dogs. Even comment on how it doesn’t seem as if my brother is blind. All with no intent of engaging my brother in any of this conversation. Aren’t people usually uncomfortable about discussing things even tangentially related to a physical limitation affecting somebody in earshot?

Finally, I confess to taking great joy, as a Tiger fan, in seeing that the White Sox team slogan for 2012 has gone from the hopeful “We’re All In” to the expectation lowering “Appreciate the Game”. Kind of like, “Never mind the score. Look around. Isn’t it great being at the ballgame?”


February 24, 2012 - Posted by | Friday Afternoon Confessional


  1. I confess that my clothing obsession has not diminished this semester. I confess that I project that within three years, my entire wardrobe will have “turned over,” and everything will finally fit right.

    I confess that I took a couple cheap shirts to the dry cleaners to have the sleeves shortened (after an embarrassing day of “showing too much cuff”) — the alterations cost more than the shirts themselves, and it’d better turn out fucking awesome.

    I confess that I am tentatively planning on starting to do my own ironing after learning that professional cleaning is apparently very rough on clothing — and it’s not like I’m made of money over here — and in particular after an incident where a shirt came back seemingly inadequately rinsed, with little flecks of the detergent “ironed on.” DOH!!!

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | February 24, 2012

  2. UPDATE: The flecks washed out as expected. Also, if you actually follow the instructions for washing, shirts that say “no iron” really don’t need to be ironed most of the time.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | February 24, 2012

  3. I was shocked to discover “no iron” is as much a warning than a sell job. My aunt owns a dry cleaning business and laundry and said the “no iron” capability is a teflon-like substance on the shirt that is destroyed by ironing.

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | February 24, 2012

  4. I confess that I recently had a couple of very blousy-fitting shirts altered, and though it was $17 per, I’m very happy. One was a hand-me-down and one was about eight years old, so it’s like a pair of new shirts.

    I confess that I stayed up until 2 am last night reading Sondheim lyrics.

    Comment by Josh K-sky | February 24, 2012

  5. I confess that I am perturbed by Lent. I confess that reading Sondheim lyrics sounds pretty sick to me.

    Comment by grackle | February 24, 2012

  6. I confess it would have been better if I had gotten my flue shot this year instead of getting the flue. I also confess that the flue came at a good time interrupting what was a distinctly out of flow period.

    Comment by Guido Nius | February 25, 2012

  7. Matt, Good to know.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | February 26, 2012

  8. According to her, the optimal procedure is to put it in the dryer until it’s nearly finished and then let it hang dry the final stretch.

    Comment by mattintoledo | February 26, 2012

  9. I confess cheers to Matt on taking over the Confessional. It’s a nice reinvigoration — personal, idiosyncratic. Adelante!

    Comment by Josh K-sky | February 27, 2012

  10. Thanks Josh. It’s fun and liberating to write at a blog when nobody I know knows I’m doing it. Not that I plan on dishing dirt or anything.

    Comment by mattintoledo | February 27, 2012

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