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Tuesday Hatred of stress

The essence of life is stress. Life is such that only the strong survive. I am not strong & this wouldn’t be nearly as depressing it it were not the case that there are a great many that are much weaker than I am.

Every second of every minute of every day situations are created that call for taking sides. We need to be decisive in being divisive. There is no escape because all threats are imminent and any opportunity is an emergency. What the world needs is a time out. Or maybe it is just what I need & would gladly share with all of you. I’ll get the drinks from the cooler – please be patient because my stomach is playing up and I may need to sit down above a hole for a while. That’s opportune because it is time I can use perfectly to perfect my time-out speech:

It is one thing to listen, watch or feel something and be taken for a trip. It is quite another to get carried away. Passion is a vice. The difference is the difference between Santorum and Obama.

Gass reports a Wallace Stegner as saying:

It is not likely that Father Coughlin or any of his American imitators can ever again be more than public nuisances, vermin in the national woodwork. But let conditions again become as bad as they did in the deep thirties, and the vermin will reappear. (The Aspirin Age, p. 257)

I don’t know Wallace Stegner nor do I know Father Coughlin but I do know conditions have been as bad as in the deep thirties for the majority of the world’s population for time on end. Most of us are Syrians. For the few of us who are not,  it feels like guilt; said guilt needing to be effaced by a feeling of superiority, by the belief that it is the natural order of things that we are shit into luck. Shit into luck because not being Syrian comes with responsibilities, like a responsibility to live up to our superiority and to defend it with passion against those bastards who had the bad taste to be born under a false God (and with predecessors who lived under somewhat more sun than the superior race).

That’s why I prefer Romney. Nobody can get carried away by him, at most he will take us for a ride. He would understand Assad as the cold, conniving and calculating son of a privileged bastard he is. Maybe he would even be able to take all of the passion out of the conflict and hence the conflict out of the passion. Time does not heal wounds but it certainly also is not inflicting them. It is the lack of time that always hurts.

What are four years lost if we gain a moderation of our impatience?

Impatience is the basic ingredient of any war and all stress. We can further invest in centrifuges of moral indignation so as to enrich it and make its explosion ever more devastating. It doesn’t matter whether we spin it to the left or to the right because once the bomb has gone off, nobody will be able to discern whether the ugly happened for the good or the bad. I think the first thing we need to start to do is buy time and follow Horace’s rule.

If we wind up getting four more years of Obama, that’s fine, because we will know to measure these years based on what it will have gotten us instead of measuring them by our overstressed expectations. Let’s go out to loose this game such that we can be veritably happy if we win it.

And then we go back to play. Maybe my stomach was not unsettled enough.


February 28, 2012 - Posted by | torture, Tuesday Hatred


  1. I hate everything relating to printing. Weren’t offices supposed to be paperless by like 1998?

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | February 28, 2012

  2. I hate writing action scenes in which more than one thing at it. I wouldn’t hate it if I was better at it, though! I hate how much my taste exceeds my ability.

    Comment by Josh K-sky | February 28, 2012

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