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Tuesday Hatred of anti-hoodism

My week didn’t suck but my day sure does. Still, I am not an average youth who by the mere fact of wearing standard youth clothing is classified as a hooded criminal. The fear of the strange has always extended to the young. It’s no coincidence that this particular xenophobia coincides with classical racism. Nevertheless, the mere term ‘hooded criminal’ is so strikingly at odds with the near impossibility of buying a non-hooded sweater that it is clear that the dark force is particularly strong in the grey-haired.

It would seem that the older the average age becomes the more a majority of people is convinced that, given their desire to live endlessly, there is no place for anybody below their own age.

I am taken back to the almost forgotten episode of the London riots (I’m sure Cameron, David conversed in a thoroughly educated fashion with Murdoch, Rupert or associates  to convince the latter that the former would ensure the status quo if one would endeavor to forget said episode at least until such time as the Olympics would have successfully concluded). Oh, shock and horror, these young criminals were hooded! Oh, terror and surprise, the hooded young are criminals! One would almost be nostalgic for the times where their hair was long and stood upright as if their noses were just pierced.

I hate forgotten episodes. Not because we forgot them but because many of them didn’t deserve to have become episodes in the first place. There is something entirely despicable about getting all excited about events before applying a one year grace period.


March 27, 2012 - Posted by | teaching, Tuesday Hatred

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  1. I hate the shortness of days and the lie of billable hours. Today I have billed 3 and a half hours. I should probably do another hour or at least half of billable work. That will put me approximately where I would like to have been on Monday around 11:30 am, with no work done on a revision to my own (unbillable) writing.

    Also I hate that I didn’t ask for more money for a project that I said I’d do by Friday.

    Comment by Josh K-sky | March 27, 2012

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