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Sunday Stories: Quick and Perky

If Quick is a boy then Perky has to be a girl. As a matter of fantasy, Perky can’t but be a girly-girl and Quick a girly-boy. This is something that makes Quick cross with Perky as her being a boyish girl would have been linguistically more elegant. Now he can’t even feel double crossed. Perky hides in a closet. She is quite small so the closet doesn’t have to be big. She shouts:  “Try to find me!”. Time elapses. It always does. Quick lets silence speak for himself, his sound is silence.

That’s better.

Perky sulks when Quick finds her, not quick enough for her taste. He sulks too, it’s just what people call him. Quick gets in the closet too for, even if it didn’t have to be big, it is more than big enough for two. ‘How can we get past sulking?’, both of them think. They can’t but time heals and soon it makes them forget they were sulking. He is still a boy and she still a girl. And they’re both in a real fantasy closet. And they don’t have to come out.

Time elapses but it does it quietly without informing Perky and Quick of it. Time can be as gentle as it can be brutal. Quick is gentle too, nothing like a man. “I found you.”, he whispers to Perky. Perky knows she has only one mention left and she wants to use it well.

Nothing is perfect.


April 1, 2012 - Posted by | Solidarity, Sunday Stories

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