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This may well be the last Tuesday Hatred except of course if it is not.

Forget about getting, I am an old man. I’m too mild to hate and those things I do hate are mostly unknown by readers of this site or are things readers of this site like. Neither do I have any confessing left in me, I rarely do stuff that is enough out of the ordinary to warrant confession. If I do, I already tell everybody so there is no edge in retelling it under pseudonym. As to food, I’m not even very good at eating it. Movies I barely watch any and – by the time I see any television worth spoiling – it has been seen by over half of the world already

In fine, it has been fun while it lasted but, before I need to confess that I started hating Tuesday Hatred, it is time to stop. If you’re interested in taking it over ‘click to continue’ below to read all about the process of such a take-over including, in the event no take-over interest is noted, what would be the plan B for Tuesdays.

Before all that let me just share one last genuine hatred with you all. I hated in the abstract the idea of people working like hell for close to 50 weeks in the year just to be able to spent around 2 weeks in a completely thoughtless state enjoying an all-inclusive holiday in a resort. I know have spent 5 days in such a resort & can turn this abstract hatred into a concrete one. Not that The Family didn’t enjoy the holiday, it was sufficiently short and we managed to pick out one thing to enjoy outside of the resort for every non-traveling day. Still, the sight of the same people occupying the same exact pool-side spot on every day comes awfully close to seeing people literally burned to death so slowly that they can’t possibly die as a result of it. It just goes to show how limited Dante’s imagination really was.

So, this is the process (but know that blogging is a lonely business and the only people that will consistently come out and be grateful for what you wrote are idiots who will make you feel like an idiot too to the point of you being idiotic enough to call them idiots after which they will disappear and you will be left alone wondering whether there is any point to all of it which there is obviously not, it is just semi-public onany):

  1. if you’re interested in taking over Tuesday Hatred, let all of us know in comments
  2. when two of the main page bloggers (I’m just one of them) endorse it, you will be invited
  3. then you’re on your own
  4. if we don’t reach point 3, I’ll turn Tuesday Hatred into Tuesday Quought (see link above) making a short version of my own blog (this will allow me to start clearing more rapidly all of the thousands of earmarks I left in my books by systematically quoting what made me earmark them)

I hope the prospect of 4. is enough to motivate people to take steps 1. and 2. in order to reach point 3. To be absolutely honest though, chances are that in that case you might see Sunday Quought pop up. Unless, that is, Adam does a “Russian position in the UN Security Council” on me in which case I will do what Bashar Al Assad and Rick Santorum should have done a year ago.


April 17, 2012 - Posted by | shameless self-promotion, Tuesday Hatred


  1. I am a terrible hater but I welcome Sunday or Tuesday Quought as the the case may be.

    Comment by Josh K-sky | April 17, 2012

  2. Hi, GN! I read sometimes here yet, so yes, sometimes the hatreds expressed here were not very inspiring to hate along at least for me, as you say must be the things you hate were the things the readers here like etc and I wonder what do you care about what they like or not, maybe you shouldn’t be much concerned about absence of comments too, well, that’s IMO as of a former if briefly “idiot” here
    Well, so if your offer is open like for anyone i’d perhaps take over hating cz life supplies abundantly too many causes, I’ m afraid I’ ll be mild too, not i mean too mean which is what is the most entertaining and valued in blogs i guess and then will run out of hates too quickly too
    And i don’t follow the news, so it won’t be that, reflecting anything, and my posts perhaps would be too short and without any literary merits so will just lower the blogs standards furthermore etc though they could be helpful for me in pretty many ways
    I don’t think people would endorse me too, so that is that, I’d let it go too, like a crazy idea., Tuesday quoughts sound good too

    Comment by read | April 18, 2012

  3. Josh, you are too kind.

    read, you too. Happy to hear you are still here & also somewhat there.

    I hate being scared when looking in the mirror.

    Comment by Guido Nius | April 20, 2012

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