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On what was Tuesday Hatred: one for the road

I hate unnecessary excitement. Almost all excitement is unnecessary. All of this is because people get excited so rapidly  that the currency of excitement is suffering from hyper-inflation. My hatred should be the least of anybody’s concern given that the ones really suffering are those which have good reason to get excited.

As a cultural optimist and believer in progress I need to find a away to reason away the tendency to the increasing levels of unnecessary excitement. This is the way: hyper-inflation of excitement is the balance of cultural growth. Progress is made but in order to continue l’élan vital it can only continue to be made if the progress that was made is canceled out in our perception, leading to excitement inflation.

I hate this reasoning because it connects Bergson, Darwin, Smith, Malthus to the crunching logic of monetary affairs and ‘the markets.’ And if there is one great subject of unnecessary excitement it are the markets. In the late 90’s I thought that the world would take a fundamental turn for the worse if the Dow Jones would pass the 10.000 mark. Now I’m convinced it can only take a fundamental turn for the better if people just stop talking about the Dow Jones as having any a meaning outside of its proper technical field. What I mean is that a turn for the better will only be achieved when people just stop talking at all about the Dow Jones or any of its ilk.

Only when people stop talking, let alone get excited, about this can we shed the third most silly human invention (after nationalist violence and the atomic bomb) which is the area of 3-letter acronyms such as Pay for Performance (bonuses), Key Performance Indicators, Balanced Score Card, Sales Incentive Plan, Manage by Objectives etc. &c &c.

It is concepts like these which I ultimately hate with a vengeance because they personalize something which should be a cherished common project: to try to be better than we were because it is better all around. So: fuck you, Six Sigma; fuck you in your black unlubricated hole, Integrated Quality Management. The knowledge we gain on natural processes is to be gained for 1 reason only: to escape the pernicious effects of unknown, and therefore, unconditioned natural processes.

This was it. No more Hatred.


April 24, 2012 - Posted by | Small Talk About the Weather, Tuesday Hatred


  1. I hate customer service. I think maybe all of it. After all, we like to imagine everybody doing their job with a smile and being genuinely friendly to us, the customer. But honestly, we hate people who are able to do that in earnest when they’re doing a shit job. We might appreciate it at the time, but after a while “I think this person must be insane” creeps into our mind.

    Then there’s the more obvious customer service tendencies we hate. Complete indifference. Rudeness. Perhaps worst of all, the ability to gain our confidence while executing perfect incompetence. No, wait, worse yet is the absence of customer service.

    I’ve requested services from only to hear nothing. This is worse than poor service because the absence of service can trick you into thinking good service may still be coming. Even if the lack of service benefits you, it’s annoying as hell. We used to use a maid service and one time they didn’t finish the job and broke the frame of one of our prints. After they had the nerve to send an invoice, I wrote a full page explanation of why they would never get their money and inviting an explanation. Never heard another word from them.

    Still, customer service can’t just cease to exist, so there has to be an optimal form of delivery. I say that would be just cordial competence. People might get annoyed by the lack of a human touch, but we also sometimes get annoyed when you try to chat us up. So to best avoid hatred, just keep the line moving, please.

    Comment by mattintoledo | April 24, 2012

  2. Rest easy, Tuesday Hatred. What’s up with the Tuesday Love guys? Are they still going? I feel like it’s important to know who stands triumphant.

    Comment by Josh K-sky | April 24, 2012

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