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PS to Part One of 2666

Tonight I start in on Part Two, which I expect to do a mid-week blog post about (we’re doing both Parts Two and Three in a single week, remember.)  But I did want to point out a creepy exception to one of the rules I suggested for the novel, in Part One.  I said that one of the rules in the book is that you never find out what any of Archimboldi’s novels are about.  Yes, but one strange detail is let out:  when the critics are asked why they want to meet and talk to Archimboldi, “Pelletier would be satisfied if he could ask him whose skin the leather mask was made out of in his homonymous novel”(106).  Eww.  But the image gives the the idea that some of Archimboldi’s novels are gruesome.  It also links up to Edwin Johns’s mutilated hand as a center for his art.

On to the Part About Amalfitano–



July 14, 2012 - Posted by | 2666

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