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Sunday Stories: Information Fluidity

The question was left hanging in the air. ‘What is our mission?’ Only it wasn’t hanging at all but laying there in the middle of the table like a giant potato-shaped bundle of clothes – wet with sweat. It reeked of things you had to wade through to get to a place where you didn’t want to be but which at least did not stink – as much.

We were twelve.

Steve voiced a mission. It had 40 something words out of which 10 something verbs. Dissent was immediate: “That is not a mission but a vision.”, John said. Duh, there we went. The sum total of our travel miles was greater than the earth’s circumference. The question morphed into the black hole of all entrepreneurial discussions. ‘What is a vision and what is a mission?’

I spare you the discussion. I did not participate. I did not contribute. What energy I had left after traveling was drained, and it is with what remains that I write this meaning I feel excused and don’t give a damn about what you think. Or what anybody thinks because one thing is for sure: if you are enthusiastic about something other people will ignore it unless it happens to be the case that you are famous or, ha-ha, infamous.

The thing is that however much I should find a way to make this into satire I am stuck halfway between lethargy and rage. This is how it must feel not to be able to get a hard-on. The discussion continued between the five of them as if it was their very first time at it. Poking left, poking right and never quite making it into the hole until fatigue set in and the passion did settle into a murmuring display of discontent. Time to make a proposal.

I said: “To increase the world’s information fluidity.”

They looked at me wondering where that came from. It came from deep inside after traveling one of the seven seas just to continue a discussion that could never be settled because there was nothing to settle. Boss said: ‘Sweet!’ and I knew that it would be another something that would be held against me.  In this circle I was infamous ánd famous. I was listened to.

Hu Bloody Ray! To increase the world’s information fluidity it was.

Nobody bothered to declare it either mission or vision.

The story will go on.


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  1. This made me laugh.

    Comment by Josh K-sky | July 17, 2012

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