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Monday Movies

Monday Movies arrived late for a matinee that wasn’t actually playing, which feels like a wash but is probably a minus two. What did you see, and what did you think about it?


July 30, 2012 - Posted by | Monday Movies |


  1. We were movie theater free this week. We did happen across a movie on Syfy I didn’t even remember being in theaters. It was called Pandorum. It was entirely forgettable with a number of “future movie” cliches that included: problems with suspended animation, an identity crisis, monsters on the ship. The only reason I mention it is because of how terrible and distracting the editing was.

    My wife was only kind of watching, but I was trying to watch. She would see something and ask who that was or why they did it. Nearly every time I had to say I don’t know because the camera work and the intentional darkness had prevented me from understanding what the hell just happened or being able to determine who just did it. Maybe it was an attempt to simulate the crew’s confusion. It came closer to approximating their frustration, I’d imagine.

    Comment by mattintoledo | July 31, 2012

  2. I saw Carlito’s Way, a Brian De Palma movie I hitherto managed to miss. Liked it.

    Every week I check whether there is anything in the theatres. Nothing. Seems like there are only a few movies being made, over and over again.

    Comment by Guido Nius | August 1, 2012

  3. The only movie theater in downtown nOberlin has been under reconstruction for over a year, so I have seen nothing in a movie theater since my Cleveland Monday morning double feature of Amazing Spider Man and Magic Mike on my way to Chicago two weeks ago. (Channing Tatum got bitten by a radioactive spider which made him allergic to wearing clothes, if I recall, and Emma Stone looked on disapprovingly while her brother Andrew Garfield got involved with sewer lizards.) I haven’t even seen Batman yet –I gather his enemy this time buys up companies and outsources their jobs. But if I were in a big city I think I’d want to see Beasts of the Southern Wild and maybe Ruby Sparks, since the New York Times liked it. Or how about Your Sister’s Sister? Or heck, the new Woody Allen film? You can always check your e-mail during the Roberto Benigni bits. When you can’t see anything, everything looks good.

    Comment by poc2666 | August 1, 2012

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