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Friday Afternoon Confessional: Father, is it okay if I don’t kneel?

I confess this morning my knees did not seem to be all that crazy about my four mile run yesterday. I confess this has me pretty nervous about the next two months since I’m going to be doing a lot of runs a lot longer than four miles. I confess concern for my aching knees makes the title of this post sound much more scandalous than intended.

I confess I had lunch with my brother yesterday and it was idyllic. We grabbed lunch, sat on the restaurant’s sidewalk cafe and just talked for about an hour. I certainly don’t begrudge my brother his beautiful family and the responsibilities that come with him being a father. Having said that, it was immensely enjoyable being able to sit and talk without the distractions those responsibilities can bring. It can sometimes feel like family is pulling you from things you’d prefer to be doing. It’s nice when you can sit down with family and be reminded why you allow those connections to dictate your calendar from time to time.

I confess I’m really pulling for Louis CK to pull his show back on the tracks. I haven’t been crazy about the last three episodes (I haven’t watched this Thursday’s episode yet) and if it doesn’t recover, my essay about his popularity won’t have the benefit of ideal timing. That said, he did kind of warn us what we were in for with his show.

There was a scene – I think from season two – where he earns a meeting with a Hollywood producer where she wants to pick his brain for movie ideas. When they meet Louie describes a movie that doesn’t exactly sound watchable, much less enjoyable, and the producer just excuses herself and leaves to go talk to somebody else. I confess I fear season three is starting to become the “real” version of that dreadful movie plot.

I confess having two consecutive posts, both of which are part of a weekly feature, leaves me to wonder if what’s being said here is echoing off the empty walls.

What about you, hypothetical readers? Did you do anything that would cause the nuns to shake their heads in disapproval?


August 24, 2012 - Posted by | Friday Afternoon Confessional


  1. If you haven’t yet tried foam-rolling your IT band, you may find it does wonders for your knees. I confess that I am addicted to foam rolling.

    Comment by RobDP | August 24, 2012

  2. Is that something the Catholic church would want me to put in next week’s confession?

    Comment by mattintoledo | August 24, 2012

  3. Yes, matt, that and to irony about the Church.

    I confess to seeing two movies this week and not having an opportunity to be ignored about it.

    Comment by Guido Nius | August 24, 2012

  4. i confess it’s nice to come home at 6 pm and have nothing to do
    i read with interest the debate on the fetus personhood on aufs and since i am forbidden to comment there i’ll confess it out here, i am glad to confess that AK seems disregards not only my comments but others too who are disagreeing with him, so i hope it will interest him just as an opinion of a woman, since he laments it is absent from his thread
    first of all, i think the debate itself is meaningless, what personhoods have anything to do with abortion, whether it’s a woman’s or fetus’s, it’s life, two lives involved, one primary real one of the pregnant woman and the other, secondary, of a fetus
    yes, it’s a potential human being, but whenever it’s still in the woman’s body yet, it should be treated by her just like any other cell in her body, what is primary has authority over what is secondary, everybody could be considered a potential Einstein, but that doesn’t mean everybody has to be educated as an astrophysicist if to make a helpful it seems to me analogy, that’s approximately what is a fetus and a child could be considered like
    once it is born, the child gets all the rights and privileges of a human being, doesn’t matter whether it’s non-autonomous yet or not
    so it’s very strange that the state has to decide the abortion laws, when it’s a pure medical problem between a doctor and a patient, whatever reasons brings the pregnant woman to seek the abortion
    just what the woman gains through it, economical or some just for the time being considered important benefits of getting rid of unwanted pregnancy, will perhaps have some later consequences in the woman’s life sometime afterwards, the worst being perhaps she wouldn’t get pregnant and have kids anymore, any complications could arise, but that’s what she has to decide what is good for her
    in the case of rape it’s absolutely her right to get rid of the unwanted fetus without any questions asked
    yesterday i read this post through fb,
    and it seems to me to be a nice reminder how free debates are missing from the blogosphere too, whenever people get really serious about the discussion, everybody gets so offended and personal
    while any discussion could be just for the discussion’s own sake
    to illustrate, my coworker today was recalling during the lunch how he once attended a seminar somebody was giving during his postdoc years in princeton, cell biology, aging and so on, his field of study, so after the presentation all the faculty just left without any questions asked, that was very shocking for him, such disinterest and just like some kind of shunning solidarity of the faculty shown to the visiting lecturer, though nothing controversial it was, the lecture, he recalled, such a too extreme example, of course, but kinda like it seems pretty widespread attitude in the academe, people get their tenure tracks and consider themselves as if like done, accomplished, holders of one and absolute truth of the majority in the chosen field and disregard all other different opinions

    Comment by read | August 24, 2012

  5. I confess to a twinge of guilt at not putting up a Monday Movies just for the comments section, as suggested in Comment 3. I’ll get Brave up tonight or tomorrow and maybe She Done Him Wrong if I finish the back half. If I don’t finish that movie, I confess that it is only 66 minutes long, so the hell?

    Comment by Josh K-sky | August 26, 2012

  6. I kid, Rob, but thank you for the advice. I’ve done a little reading and the IT band issue hits a number of the symptoms I’ve been feeling. It’s come to where I actually hope that’s the problem because a foam roller is cheaper than knee rehab or a new pair of shoes.

    Comment by mattintoledo | August 27, 2012

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