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Friday Afternoon Confessional: Fear of other’s success

I confess that my wife seems to be well on her way to earning a position with her company which could require her to be out of town for two weeks of a typical month. This arrangement will last anywhere from 18-30 months. The good thing is the position is said to be a “launching pad” to better positions within the company. The bad thing is, well, she will be gone for two weeks of a typical month.

I go into this knowing full well it’s going to suck and there are consequences I cannot anticipate until they happen. I just confess I’m nervous there are a LOT of such unforeseen consequences and I’m afraid I’m also underestimating the degree of their effect. I confess I look forward to noting people’s reactions to this news if she gets this position. I’ve already had a couple “Are you okay with that?”s. That’s a perfectly reasonable question to ask, but the tone is one I don’t think they’d use if I were the one taking the position and they were asking my wife. When they ask me, it seems like “are you upset about this?” Where I suspect if they were asking her, it would be more like “are you going to hold up okay?”

I confess while walking the other day, I heard a noise to my left and there was a young buck standing about six feet away from me. I mean “young buck” in the most literal sense. He was a six-point deer who seemed to be on the small side. I usually make a little bit of noise like a whistle or a clap when I see deer crossing my path just because I don’t want to be splitting a herd when one of them decides I’m a threat.

This guy, though, was too close for that so I just stood and watched him. He didn’t seem to mind the company as he ate some plants, moseyed across the path and then ate some more plants before continuing on his way. As I watched, I had the thought that it would be cool if more animals were so unconcerned with my presence. Then I thought I might be looking at this wrong. I might be doing them more of a favor by being an obnoxious jerk who scares them off. After all, an animal that startles at seeing people because in its past experience they’re obnoxious jerks is probably better off in the long run than the animal who thinks people are nothing to worry about.

I confess that the top search bringing people to this site is apparently “ice t wife”. I confess I know Ice T’s wife goes by Coco and this means they’re both named after non-alcoholic beverages. I hope they continue this trend with their children and have a whole litter of kids named things like Sprite, Kool Aid, Tang and – if they have a good feeling about one of their children’s potential – Dr. Pepper.


September 14, 2012 - Posted by | Friday Afternoon Confessional


  1. i confess i took a defensive driving course online this week suggested by the insurance and still feel as if like enlightened, too scary statistics they present but many useful tips how to drive defensively, how to adjust the mirrors so that to reduce the blind zone and the glare from the cars behind, how to avoid a head-on collision etc.
    but i feel disappointed how miserly they reduce the premium after that though, only 15 when if it was at least 50 or more more people would perhaps take the course and then safer driving could be for everyone, i was hoping to keep my previous plan cz the premium is going to increase by almost seventy, more than 50%, just due to the area code change, seems like more accidents and claims are happening around this zone

    Comment by read | September 14, 2012

  2. I confess that my college senior society has been evicted from its room and I further confess that I found the email alerting me to this fact hilarious.

    Comment by Josh K-sky | September 18, 2012

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