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October 23, 2012 - Posted by | Monday Movies |


  1. It’s Monday in Los Angeles. (You live in Los Angeles.)

    Comment by Josh K-sky | October 23, 2012

  2. I would try to comment to bolster the conversation, but for yet another week, baseball ruled my television and it was a movie-free week.

    I did read a hilarious story about a movie, though. To this day, Bill Murray and his brothers call Kelly Lynch’s husband, Mitch Glazer (who co-wrote Scrooged, which Murray starred in), every time they see his wife’s sex scene with Patrick Swayze in Road House. Lynch said it doesn’t matter if it’s 2 am. They always call. One time, Bill Murray made the phone call from Russia.

    Comment by mattintoledo | October 24, 2012

  3. i watched the other week _the darjeeling limited_, thought it was funny and moving b/c it reminded me my own travels with my sisters, a very hot day climbing The great wall or Toyako, or DC, or to the countryside, though our family was surely not dysfunctional and not rich, how they portray theirs in the movie, that,” filthy rich’, as if like the rich are people too, as if if it was just an average family the story wouldn’t have been that funny or interesting or maybe they are the average american family, didn’t look like that though, with a strange selfish mother always eluding her family, to not be for her family and do good in the world that seems so like fake, so their wealthy-ness was needed to just add that, eccentricity to the characters i guess
    didn’t like the prequel with that, gratuitous nudity of natalie portman, but perhaps they needed that part not only commercially, but also to say the phrase about a promise to not be friends with her, must be that is saying something meaningful about the male psychology, though if to subtract friendship what would be left in one’s relationship, just the animal side of attraction is so much less and gets boring rather too quickly, and since it was repeated again in the movie itself, to show then the brothers’solidarity there, i guess, must be it meant something symbolic
    i watched also two new russian melodramas which were not bad surprisingly and a french movie _violette_, about a girl who killed her parents pre-war, so pathological, either the girl or her allegedly abusive parents, based on a true story, i often wish to not know or watch such things after watching unknowingly, always, like, destroys something in one’s soul, trust in humanity i guess, but then that’s one’s real life story so maybe it has a right to be recreated for some or other reason and merits, though i don’t know what and who would benefit from that, maybe it is needed to educate people about child abuse and prevent that kind of tragedies,so i don’t know

    Comment by read | October 30, 2012

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