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Friday Afternoon Confessional: Less than cordial

I confess to wimping out last week when it came to writing a confession. My intent all week had been to describe how a steady barrage of bad news – mostly minor, but still mood altering bad news – had been wearing away at my optimism and usual sunny disposition. When the Sandy Hook news came, I scrapped it because I didn’t want the tone of the thing to be, “It had already been a bad week and now THIS!” As if the tragedy were something I had to endure. In that kind of situation, my response would usually be to go to a Plan B (sorry for the phrasing John Boehner) of keeping it light and offering readers refuge from the larger world. That didn’t seem the right way to go, either. So, a confession was flushed.
I confess that more and more, when I see opinions I don’t agree with, my first internal response is “Go fuck yourself.”

Mind you, this isn’t to minor things. It’s not like I think that when people say things like, “You can’t be the beer lover you claim to be if you don’t enjoy IPAs.” No…wait. That would be my internal response if somebody said that. My point then, is that I find this vulgar internal response popping up every time people confidently voice an opinion that is completely dismissive of the possibility I might not share it.

“Hey dumbasses who want to ban all guns…”

“These union workers are about to get a taste of the real world.”

This sort of thing.

I confess that Saturday morning, after the Sandy Hook tragedy, I sat down and wrote letters to both of my Senators and my Representative. I’m not really confessing about that. That felt good. I do confess that for the next couple days after doing so, I looked for opportunities in conversation to let it be known that I had done so. I tried to tell myself I was doing it to try to encourage others to do the same, but if I’m being honest it was at least partially to get the pats on the back.

I now turn the discussion to you, silent reader. Perhaps you let your own internal initial responses slip out unedited? Preferably with disastrous results that are humorous for those of us who are far removed from the situation. Maybe you feel silly for allowing yourself to worry ever so briefly about whether the world really was going to end today. Whatever it may be, feel free to share.


December 21, 2012 - Posted by | Friday Afternoon Confessional


  1. Creepy as it is that there are people who can imagine themselves shooting once, it is mind boggling some actually want to be entitled to shoot many a minute.

    I confess life has been treating me well these last weeks and that I am just enjoying it.

    Comment by Guido Nius | December 21, 2012

  2. about less than cordial, i confess i cry very rarely and cried twice since last friday, first learning the news, second after reading an internet evaluation of me following a heated *troll*, that’s me, deletion war brought up by the discussion of the tragedy as it happens, well, that was surely not the first time ever for me to read really negative things about myself, someone more “fragile/more caring for others’ opinion of self/etc.’ than me, well, anyone could have committed even suicide perhaps after such harsh words losing face i guess, but i would want to see anyone not turning into an antisocial psychopath after deletions after deletions repeated no matter what one says, nothing too controversial though, just bc it’s me
    but i was curious about the mayan apocalypse and suicide is of course just a figure of speech
    people dont realize that they maybe helped me a little too by keeping me company however hostile, to carry on after so terrible news, it’s too much to bear alone when far from home and one’s family and friends
    so there, must be one creepy comment to leave out there here without the powers to delete it myself, i mean fb and twitter, but you can delete it anytime with my permission, i would leave it on AK’s creepy thread since he wouldn’t allow there my comments, his analysis is insightful as usually

    Comment by read | December 21, 2012

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