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Friday Afternoon Confessional: Projecting laziness

I confess to being a little annoyed with neighbors who still have their Christmas stuff up and turn on the lights every night. I’m not getting too worked up over it, though, because I also confess my horribly maintained lawn and property in general probably annoy them nine or ten months out of the year.

I confess I saw something on Facebook about trying to do 10,000 repetitions of one exercise over the calendar year. As somebody who always intends to start doing pushups and crunches any day now, this appealed to me. Spread out over a year, after all, this was just a little over 27 reps a day. Or, if I did the exercise five times a week, 40 reps a day.

Here’s the confession part. I couldn’t do 40 pushups the first day as I had intended. Not only that, I was so sore after doing 30 pushups I wasn’t sure I could do 30 again the second day. After the second day, multiple muscle groups were so sore I decided it was time for the two days off and I would just catch up as the year went on and I grew accustomed to working those muscle groups. That was last Friday. I haven’t done either the pushups or crunches since. I confess a small, idiotic part of me keeps telling the rest of me we’ll still accomplish this goal. The vast majority of myself tells that small, optimistic part to shut up and go get us some french onion dip for our chips.

I confess in the circles I run in on Twitter, this week included a bunch of hubbub over the Baseball Hall of Fame and the Oscar picks. My nearly complete indifference toward both suggests I’ve finally realized awards are just another way to catch us in an additional wave of marketing.


January 11, 2013 - Posted by | Friday Afternoon Confessional

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