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No Sunday Tunnel Today

Let’s skip a week. I wanted to write under the title ‘Up Again!’. By the time I could get to it I was down again. Better to skip a week than to say up and think down. I am, by the way, up again. It’s all a matter of sex.

There are those who expect so much – imagine it step-by-step on beforehand, plan for it including the reaction of the other – just to find reality is their true downer. And others who just do it – quite regardless of what somebody else has imagined – to find imagination is what puts them off their game. Inclusive but depressed versus carefree albeit annoyed. The vice which is commonly held in common is that of moderation. Hysteria is universally acclaimed as virtue.

That is where we find ourselves, with many but unconnected and therefore alone: incapable of hysteria and drawn to such a constant moderation as apples to their orbs. Our only expression depending on the lightness of the atmosphere around us & believe them us: if something is definitely out of fashion it is lightness because heavy is the world and therefore heavy needs to be all what is on it, innit?

Dear very few readers, would you be so kind to give me feedback. Even if it’s few and far between it will connect us and – who knows? – create some anti-matter to the many things that matter.

What if we lived in a world of continuous snow pushing us, up, to burn?


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  1. I think getting “swept up in hysteria” can be avoided by acknowledging what we’re genuinely excited about. We write things off as having been hyped, but don’t we come to that determination when we were “talked into” being interested in it. For example, a movie may end up getting hyped, but if I’m interested in it before it’s released when I first hear the premise, I’m not getting swept up in the hype. I’m genuinely excited and if I end up not liking it, I can’t dismiss the movie as “a bunch of hype”.

    Comment by mattintoledo | January 28, 2013

  2. I agree, Matt, where there is genuine excitement there can’t be hysteria. Vice versa, where you see hysteria there is a lack of genuine excitement.

    Comment by Guido Nius | January 29, 2013

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